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January 28, 2005

for greg

this weblog is dedicated to my loving husband.

he had no idea that he was going to commit to a knitting-obsessed woman when he married me that day.

wedding day


Hey, nice wedding photo. You must have had a really good photographer. I bet he was over 6 feet tall and nice looking but sort of goofy.

I am a lucky man to have such a talented & beautiful wife...Oh yeah...She knits me stuff too. Not sure if it is for me in particular, however...Or just to satisfy some obsessive need to knit, using me as the most convenient excuse for more extraordinary yarn purchases...Hmmm...The formula goes something like this: She's happy when she knits...I'm happy when she's happy...Therefore, I'm a very very happy man!The pictures on the site do justice to neither the beauty of the girl nor the detail of the projects...If we only had that goofy wedding photographer here to do this! More is to come...Don't ye doubt!Greg