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January 29, 2005

2004 FOs

i made a few things in last year, mostly small things but i was really happy that i had completed the sweater that i started back in 2001.

2004 is also the year i started to invest in knitting- my yarn stash, knitting book, and bamboo needle collection. here are some of my FOs in 2004 and earlier:

rebecca no. 24

the sweater that took forever to finish!! when i made the sweater back in 2002, i had very vague concept of gauge/tension, and i substituted everything - yarn, needle size, actual size. i figured that if i used a smaller needle, then i'd just knit a bigger size for the difference. well, that was bold. anyway, the sweater turned out great, it fits well (surprise!). my only regret was my hasty seam job. oh well.

the famous "stitch&bitch; needle roll"

i absolutely loved it! i did not know how to sew, nor had a sewing machine, but i went and bought some very orient theme fabrics and had in mind that i'd just hand sew the case! well, turned out i had a friend who one weekend brought over her sewing machine and showed me how to make this thing, we spent one night, and a beautiful needle roll was born!

blueberry waffle socks

the first pair of socks ever made for my husband. i was very pleased with it at that time. it was easier than i had anticipated. i have yet to make another pair for myself. any day now.

lopi lace scarf from weekend knitting

i felt in love with this scarf when i saw the book. it was so charming on the model showing the market bag (another great project). i made this for my sister in HK. she likes it. i have plans to make another two with the suggested color combination. the only problem i had with the pattern was the ends tend to roll. i blocked it to reveal the lacy waves.

rebecca no. 24, fils anny blatt (silver grey)

this is my favorite FO so far. i had wanted to make the eyelet scarf in this magazine forever but could not bring myself to buy the yarn suggested in the pattern. my friend (who is a great knitter) had offered me this yarn from her stash. this project took me so long as it was the first time i knited lace. i love the way it turned out. i think it feels more like a shawl than a scarf to me.

cable sweater in mission falls 1824 (putty)

this is the cable sweater i made for my husband back in 2002. i had wanted to make him a cable sweater but i did not know how to do cables, so i learned some basics from the book, and casted on! this was also the first project i had followed a pattern. well, i actually just followed the cable part and changed mostly everything else. it was a difficult project. but my husband likes it, he still wears it today.

ghost beanie in tahki stacy charles ghost (orange and pink)

i went to a LYS last year just to browse. i ended up buying yarns for a tote bag and a ball of this lovely yarn. it was a pricy yarn so i thought i'd just make a hat. i knew what i was looking for so i just knit along without a pattern. it turned out very nicely.

January 28, 2005

the flirty pumpkin - the first cat

they found me and my two sisters when we were really young in the woods. this man would come stalking my siblings, good thing we know how to hide and climb trees. but every time, he would bring some oh-so delicious food for us, there was nothing we could do but hope this man would leave immediately so we could eat... well, what can i say, a cat needs to do what a cat needs to do - live with the man who would give you unlimited supplies of cat food.

oh well, i like this man. he is nice to me. i like to sleep with him every night. i have done everything i can to flirt with him so he would take me and put me next to him when he sleeps. oh, so far my plan has not been too successful. almost two years now. but i will keep trying.

i'm not so sure if i like the other woman, she grabs me too much. i think she wants to give me a heart attack so i would leave her man alone.

oh well, we shall see. i'm good at cat-fight.

i have discovered that she hates it when i play with her yarns.. see, i'm good at making her go insane!

"i really don't want to be photographed but she is way too persistant for me to hide, how about just closing my eyes then?"


after much thoughtful consideration, i've decided to share my knitting passion with the world.

i picked up the needles for the first time in 1996, the gap year of my life, waiting to go to graduate school. bored with nothing to do, my mother had offered to teach me how to knit. i made my first sweater that year, with pure merino wool.

i did not like that sweater. i took no pictures, i showed it to nobody and i gave the sweater away without mentioning it was my creation. after the experience, i also packed away my knitting stuff and forgot i ever learned how to knit.

many years later, i rediscovered that this old craft possesses an undeniable charm and i am falling into the wonderful world of knitting. only this time, i am giving it my genuine love.

seedstitch hat for my nephew ethan (reynold's blizzard, US10 cir.)

for greg

this weblog is dedicated to my loving husband.

he had no idea that he was going to commit to a knitting-obsessed woman when he married me that day.

wedding day