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January 28, 2005

the flirty pumpkin - the first cat

they found me and my two sisters when we were really young in the woods. this man would come stalking my siblings, good thing we know how to hide and climb trees. but every time, he would bring some oh-so delicious food for us, there was nothing we could do but hope this man would leave immediately so we could eat... well, what can i say, a cat needs to do what a cat needs to do - live with the man who would give you unlimited supplies of cat food.

oh well, i like this man. he is nice to me. i like to sleep with him every night. i have done everything i can to flirt with him so he would take me and put me next to him when he sleeps. oh, so far my plan has not been too successful. almost two years now. but i will keep trying.

i'm not so sure if i like the other woman, she grabs me too much. i think she wants to give me a heart attack so i would leave her man alone.

oh well, we shall see. i'm good at cat-fight.

i have discovered that she hates it when i play with her yarns.. see, i'm good at making her go insane!

"i really don't want to be photographed but she is way too persistant for me to hide, how about just closing my eyes then?"