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February 19, 2005

current projects

after finishing off some small projects and the cheesylove vest, i now have the time to focus on the new ones! though spring is coming and i need to start working on some lighter garments, i still would like to get these couple projects out of the way! the more i knit, the more i feel that i'm a "finisher", unfinished projects give me anxiety. too much yarn in my stash gives me anxiety, too. that is probably why my stash can still fit into one plastic tub.

these are the projects i'm (will be) working on:

lacy fluffy camisole from "weekend knitting"
i wanted to have this camisole the moment i saw it! i bought the oh so lovely "kidsilk haze" in trance and matching cotton DMC perle a while back for this camisole so i'm all set to go! the lace pattern is so delicate and beautiful, it'll be a challenge to work on, but i'm sure i'll enjoy it!
ruffles scarf from "scarf style"
these soft 100% alpaca yarn was purchased at "ac moore", i did not expect to find such soft and beautiful alpaca yarn from there, not to mention at that price range. so i immediately have this scarf in mind! this yarn knits up so beautifully, though the progress of this project is currently slow (due to the twist and short rows), but i think it'll be a great project for my upcoming travel to asia.
cable sweater (right), hat & scarf set from rebecca No. 26
i have made the hat using lion brand's "kool wool" in ivory and it looked fantastic! never thought i'd like anything lion brand. so i'm proceeding with the scarf using the same yarn. this project will also be on the plane with me. as for the cable sweater, i have yet to make one for myself, so i think i'll take on this one. this pattern is the most appealing one to me so far!

so next weekend, i'll be in asia knitting like mad while checking out all the LYS and buying pattern books!

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