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February 23, 2005

off to asia

hopefully i'll have time to update my blog for the next couple weeks...

fluffy camisole is coming along slowly

i decided to start off the fluffy camisole from "weekend knitting" by knitting the matching cowl first. so, so how long do you think it took me to do four rows for this fluffy cowl? well, it took me TWO hours. let's just say that the kidsilk haze is not the most user-friendly yarn out there. but look at her, she is so pretty! can we say it's all worth it?
fluffy lace, you're so pretty!

can you tell i made a mistake on row 3? the knobby things should not be align. oh well, this pretty thing is destined to have a flaw!

February 22, 2005

first knitalong

i spotted this knitalong on "digital yarn" and i thought to myself, well, it's about time for me to join one. now my problems are: when to start, when to make the purchase, and what color to get?

well, i won't be able to start until my trip to taiwan/HK, and i'll probably have to buy the yarn after i get back in mid. march (by then i'm sure we'll be seeing many knitters modeling this cute cardigan), but most important of all, what COLOR? i love the green on this model, and it's the color for this season, so i may end up using the same color. but, those soft pink, pale blue, even the light grey look all so good. as indecisive as i am, it'll be difficult to nail it down. also, where should i buy the yarn from? questions, questions, questions. it's good that i do enjoy pondering such frivolous questions.

rebecca No.29. cute cardigan is about to break my budget.

February 19, 2005

valentine's vest

i did get to wear my cheesylove vest on valentine's day. one compliment was received by a total stranger

current projects

after finishing off some small projects and the cheesylove vest, i now have the time to focus on the new ones! though spring is coming and i need to start working on some lighter garments, i still would like to get these couple projects out of the way! the more i knit, the more i feel that i'm a "finisher", unfinished projects give me anxiety. too much yarn in my stash gives me anxiety, too. that is probably why my stash can still fit into one plastic tub.

these are the projects i'm (will be) working on:

lacy fluffy camisole from "weekend knitting"
i wanted to have this camisole the moment i saw it! i bought the oh so lovely "kidsilk haze" in trance and matching cotton DMC perle a while back for this camisole so i'm all set to go! the lace pattern is so delicate and beautiful, it'll be a challenge to work on, but i'm sure i'll enjoy it!
ruffles scarf from "scarf style"
these soft 100% alpaca yarn was purchased at "ac moore", i did not expect to find such soft and beautiful alpaca yarn from there, not to mention at that price range. so i immediately have this scarf in mind! this yarn knits up so beautifully, though the progress of this project is currently slow (due to the twist and short rows), but i think it'll be a great project for my upcoming travel to asia.
cable sweater (right), hat & scarf set from rebecca No. 26
i have made the hat using lion brand's "kool wool" in ivory and it looked fantastic! never thought i'd like anything lion brand. so i'm proceeding with the scarf using the same yarn. this project will also be on the plane with me. as for the cable sweater, i have yet to make one for myself, so i think i'll take on this one. this pattern is the most appealing one to me so far!

so next weekend, i'll be in asia knitting like mad while checking out all the LYS and buying pattern books!

February 14, 2005

2005 valentines

lots of love for my dear husband on valentine's day.

he is the joy of my life!

February 09, 2005

year of the rooster

it's chinese new year today, i had no idea! after living in the west for so many years, the meaning and the cultural values of chinese new years had gradually diminished.

i love this holiday for many reasons when i was living in taiwan:
many days off work (only if you are in asia)
money pockets from parents and relatives (for kids, that is)
unlimited supply of chinese food waiting to be enjoyed (love this part)
play dominos with money pockets receive

reasons why this holiday means less when living in america:
no days off (bummer!)
no firecrackers!!
no *real* homemade chinese food! (biggest bummer!)

February 06, 2005


sushi, sapporo and friends are the best when celebrating a birthday for someone special!


cheesylove, can i have you done before the valentine's come?

February 05, 2005

a dark elf in the woods - drizzit

i am a cat in the woods, i was named after a dark elf

February 03, 2005

story of my willow

to me, the word “willow” bares a tone of sadness. in the far orient, willow is the tree that lines the path of classic gardens in suzhou, the tree that sweeps the yangtze river in shanghai; there they called it the “weeping willow”.

i have never been to shanghai nor suzhou, but whenever i think of willow, i think of the men and women who had strolled those willow lined river banks in the mystical cities of china, they may be serenading their budding romance, bidding a heartrending farewell or holding on to a forbidden affair. nobody knew what they were saying, only the willow trees had their secrets.

in kim hargreave’s world, “willow” is a beautiful ribbon twist cardigan with hues of blues, greys and greens.

in my weblog, willow is not sad, it bares no blues but shades of warm reds and frosty tufts.

willow is a fast project. it tooked me about three weekends to complete. the whole project was done in US15 needles instead of the suggested size (US17/12mm). i like the tension with US15 needles better. the sweater came out very form fitting and i like that.
the instruction did not specify the right slanted/left slanted dec. or inc. but i worked those in in this project. i have also added chain-stitched selvedge stitches to all pieces but i found it to be unnecessary. i used a DK weight yarn to sew the sleeves and side seams and i'm glad i did that. i found some big and beautiful cream color mother of pearl buttons for the cardigan, it matches the frosty tuft very nicely.

i did not do a good job in weaving in loose ends and they have been bothering me ever since the completion of this project (i'm still thinking about this). i did a horrible shoulder seaming job as i used the ribbon twist yarn, it was thick and a bit bulky. i will, in the future, use grafting technique instead of backstitch/mattress stitch to seam shoulders, as slanted shoulder bind off makes matching rows difficult for me.

all these misfortunes were hidden from pictures posted, but be no doubt i am bogged down by them every time i think about it.

all in all, i am in love with my willow.

February 01, 2005


so far i am finding that working on the weblog is harder than knitting.

i can probably knit a hat in a couple hours, but it takes me longer than that to figure out how to custom my site feed (only 10 minutes ago i found out what "site feed" means. and, i'm not sure if i have completely figured it out yet).

life is a forever learning experience.

looking to get a reference book for weblog last night, instead, i got "knit lit". loved melanie falick's foreword.