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February 03, 2005

story of my willow

to me, the word “willow” bares a tone of sadness. in the far orient, willow is the tree that lines the path of classic gardens in suzhou, the tree that sweeps the yangtze river in shanghai; there they called it the “weeping willow”.

i have never been to shanghai nor suzhou, but whenever i think of willow, i think of the men and women who had strolled those willow lined river banks in the mystical cities of china, they may be serenading their budding romance, bidding a heartrending farewell or holding on to a forbidden affair. nobody knew what they were saying, only the willow trees had their secrets.

in kim hargreave’s world, “willow” is a beautiful ribbon twist cardigan with hues of blues, greys and greens.

in my weblog, willow is not sad, it bares no blues but shades of warm reds and frosty tufts.

willow is a fast project. it tooked me about three weekends to complete. the whole project was done in US15 needles instead of the suggested size (US17/12mm). i like the tension with US15 needles better. the sweater came out very form fitting and i like that.
the instruction did not specify the right slanted/left slanted dec. or inc. but i worked those in in this project. i have also added chain-stitched selvedge stitches to all pieces but i found it to be unnecessary. i used a DK weight yarn to sew the sleeves and side seams and i'm glad i did that. i found some big and beautiful cream color mother of pearl buttons for the cardigan, it matches the frosty tuft very nicely.

i did not do a good job in weaving in loose ends and they have been bothering me ever since the completion of this project (i'm still thinking about this). i did a horrible shoulder seaming job as i used the ribbon twist yarn, it was thick and a bit bulky. i will, in the future, use grafting technique instead of backstitch/mattress stitch to seam shoulders, as slanted shoulder bind off makes matching rows difficult for me.

all these misfortunes were hidden from pictures posted, but be no doubt i am bogged down by them every time i think about it.

all in all, i am in love with my willow.


I love it! It looks really fab on you.

Your Willow is absolutely FAB!!! The colors you chose are perfect. If I were to make another Willow, THESE are the colors I'd love to use. Thank you for the inspiration. Bravisima!P.S. I wonder if brushing the tufts would help? I have a brush that I use for knits and wools, and I sometimes use it for my furry scarves. Becky-skinnyrabbit.com

What a lovely colour! Nice fit too!-Roxanne

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