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March 30, 2005

every knitter loves a good LYS

or at least i do.

i love local yarn shops! i've always enjoyed my time there, whether the shop has exciting yarns or not. the first yarn shop i went to was in atlanta, GA, strings and strands, it is a small shop but they have yarns stacked almost all the way to the ceiling! upon first glance, it is not your NYC hip style yarn shop. but if you look closer, they have a very good selection of yarns. i bought my first designer yarns and my first rebecca magazine there, which made it a special shop for me. i visited the shop again last fall but honestly, the wealth selection of the yarn actually made me anxious... as i did not have a project in mind but i wanted to make so many things with all those fantabulous yarns, and that was what caused the anxiety. so if you ever stopped by atlanta, GA, strings and strands is a worthy visit (better if you know what you're looking for). the owner of the shop is a very nice and helpful lady, and i'm glad she had left me alone to browse when i was there (i'm not fond of shop owners who ask if you need help every five minutes).

so in birmingham, alabama, there are a couple yarn shops, one near vestavia hill called memory hagler knitting. again, this is a small shop, their selection is not very big but they do have some nice yarns. i like going there because the shop owner is so friendly, she is like your instant knitting buddy. they also have a good selection of bamboo needles, too.

knit nouveau in helena, alabama, is at the moment my favorite. the store is on a very small and quaint street with many cute shops (i was not paying attention what those shops were so couldn't name them here). knit nouveau is a little brick house in it is like a knitter's nirvana. yarns are beautifully organized and presented, bohemic style furniture, magazines and books for inspiration. the place is quiet and quaint! the yarn selection is wonderful, not only they have yarns by popular designers but also some great hand painted yarns. only regret was they do not carry rowan, jaeger, or rebecca. i think the theme of the shop is more hippish/bohemic and i love that. one treasure i found in this shop was past issues of interweave that i can no longer find anywhere. so, if you care to, knit nouveau is quite a lovely yarn shop to stop by if you ever find yourself in alabama. they also have stitch & bitch nights twice a week. i plan to check it out in april!

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