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March 31, 2005

baby steps for baby clothes

i have yet to post progress of my current projects, so here it is!

progress is shown for the baby jacket! it's a fun project! i hope to finish this off over the weekend.

however, as you can see, the cowl for the fluffy camisole project of "weekend knitting" is coming along rather slowly!

March 30, 2005

every knitter loves a good LYS

or at least i do.

i love local yarn shops! i've always enjoyed my time there, whether the shop has exciting yarns or not. the first yarn shop i went to was in atlanta, GA, strings and strands, it is a small shop but they have yarns stacked almost all the way to the ceiling! upon first glance, it is not your NYC hip style yarn shop. but if you look closer, they have a very good selection of yarns. i bought my first designer yarns and my first rebecca magazine there, which made it a special shop for me. i visited the shop again last fall but honestly, the wealth selection of the yarn actually made me anxious... as i did not have a project in mind but i wanted to make so many things with all those fantabulous yarns, and that was what caused the anxiety. so if you ever stopped by atlanta, GA, strings and strands is a worthy visit (better if you know what you're looking for). the owner of the shop is a very nice and helpful lady, and i'm glad she had left me alone to browse when i was there (i'm not fond of shop owners who ask if you need help every five minutes).

so in birmingham, alabama, there are a couple yarn shops, one near vestavia hill called memory hagler knitting. again, this is a small shop, their selection is not very big but they do have some nice yarns. i like going there because the shop owner is so friendly, she is like your instant knitting buddy. they also have a good selection of bamboo needles, too.

knit nouveau in helena, alabama, is at the moment my favorite. the store is on a very small and quaint street with many cute shops (i was not paying attention what those shops were so couldn't name them here). knit nouveau is a little brick house in it is like a knitter's nirvana. yarns are beautifully organized and presented, bohemic style furniture, magazines and books for inspiration. the place is quiet and quaint! the yarn selection is wonderful, not only they have yarns by popular designers but also some great hand painted yarns. only regret was they do not carry rowan, jaeger, or rebecca. i think the theme of the shop is more hippish/bohemic and i love that. one treasure i found in this shop was past issues of interweave that i can no longer find anywhere. so, if you care to, knit nouveau is quite a lovely yarn shop to stop by if you ever find yourself in alabama. they also have stitch & bitch nights twice a week. i plan to check it out in april!

March 28, 2005

wavy skirt for the summer

so, this is what i'm going to make with the cotton fleece yarn i ordered last week. though many projects in IK spring 05 seem interesting to make, this one in particular grabbed my attention the most! i have never knitted anything that is not a top, so, it would be a first for me!

as spring IK puts it, a skirt with colors of sorbet! must be yummy to wear.

March 25, 2005

i wonder...

seems like many knitters are interested in making butterfly from rowan37, could there be a knitalong somewhere?

March 24, 2005

more yarn and more needles!

i finally ordered the brown sheep's cotton fleece for some spring project, which i will post pictures when i receive them! also, i'm joining the honeymoon cami knitalong and i'll make them with some discontinued rowan's linen drape i found on ebay. i'm going to stick with this knitalong and actually work on the project as soon as the yarn arrives. i like this cami because of its understated elegance, and i will be making it in white (bleached) so it'll be great for summer and looks dashing against the tan!

i'm also comtemplating about purchasing a set of the denise interchangeable needles. i usually work with bamboo needles (sometimes addi's) and i like them a lot. so i'm not sure if i'll like the material of denise needles. read some reviews and everyone seems to like their denise needles. that's good to know.

the sleeves for the baby cable and seed stitch jacket are almost done! i can see myself finishing up this jacket in the next week!

March 21, 2005

something for my husband

i made this scarf from "the last minuted knitted gift" for my husband. i did not use the cashmere yarn as it had suggested, paton's merino wool was used instead. it turned out quite nicely. i hope he likes it!

olive color scarf for my husband who loves earthy tones

knit project: last minute's knitted gifts - boyfriend (husband) scarf
difficulty (1-5): 1
size: one size
yarn: paton's classic merino in olive
knitting specs: US 10

pattern inspirations

i do intend to share my growing pattern book collections! so here they are:

my mum so generously brought me the entire collection of jo sharp's patterns from australia!! i like them quite a lot. though i've noticed that many of her designs are quite similar. i don't know if i like the body shapings for some of the patterns. however, i can see these books reflect very truly an australian way of life.
the book in the picture with chinese characters is one of my yarn shopping finds in taipei. in it are many cute motifs for storybook characters and alike:
aren't they cute?? i plan to incorprate some of the designs in my upcoming projects. i.e., this lovely t-shirt!!
so here are the rowan patterns i'd like to work on, notice two of them are made with kidsilk haze... i intend to use the kanebo yarns i got from taipei! they are just as lovely (sorry, pictures will have to come later)!!
love rowan. all so beautiful, all so sweet!

getting ready for the day

that's my lovely cat pumpkin! she's nothing but a big goof!

and... the pictures!

finally, i have the pictures loaded. so here it is for your viewing pleasure! elisa, if you are reading this, this is for your baby boy!

the cable and seed stitch jacket i'm making right now!

this is what i have completed over the weekend!

i hope to have the sleeves done by this week so i can tackle the front pieces over the weekend! it'll be the first time for me to make pockets. should be fun!!

March 20, 2005

quick update

i took a lot of pictures of my knitting this weekend and was ready to post some entries with my recent knitting activities, but not sure why "hello bloggerbot"- program i use to post pictures was not responding.

hmm.. how disappointing! thus i am also comteplating whether i should invest in getting movable type?

anyway, good progress this weekend. i have picked debbie bliss's cable and seed jacket to be the project for my friend's newborn son. i use peruvian wool from elann.com and it turns out rather nicely so far. single spun peruvian wool splits quite easily so that is my only complain for this yarn. i have completed the back and have started on the sleeves. knitting a baby garment is so much faster!!

finally received my rowan 37. there are a few projects i'd love to make - butterfly (the short version in pink!!), chicago (love the tiny flowers!), beaded martha, marianne (short version) and heirloom. again, no pictures to show! for those of you owns the copy, you'd know what i'm talking about!

i also love kaffe fassett's design in this issue. i'm tempting to make the stepped flowers stole... i can see that would be a year long project!

March 14, 2005


i know i posted earlier that i have signed up for the rebecca29 knitalong, but at this point i still do not have the yarn nor the magazine. my knitting obsession was diminished slightly after my vacation. i think it had a lot to do with my lack of knitting during the trip.

anyway, i'm not sure if i'd do this knitalong after all since i had a massive shopping spree in the past two weeks, and i can not bring myself to spend more money on yarn. but, knitting garden just sent a springtime sale email out. how cruel!

oh well! i had promised my friend in taiwan that i'd make her newborn son a sweater cardigan** and just so happened that i have a copy of the debbie bliss's baby knits book and some yellow new wool laying around. so, new plan for my knitting: find patterns and reasons to use up my stash before getting more fabulous rowan/GGH yarn.

why am i making my friend a sweater cardigan for her newborn son? well, she treated me such generous portion of delicious japanese food. gotta love her for that!!

March 13, 2005

who loves the knitted presents?

so i'm back from my vacation, it's so wonderful to see families and friends again. there are many pictures to prove but this one is knitting related!

sister in law looks fab with her rebecca hat and scarf!

March 01, 2005

it's wet and damp over here

almost a week into my vacation and i have yet to see the sun. taipei is wet and damp!

i'm afraid that my bamboo needles are going to soak up too much moisture and are going to slip open when i return the states.

but taipei, hmmm... food so delicous, shops so wonderful and did i mention yarn so cheap?

it's the first time for me to trek down yarnshops and knitting books in taipei. i can tell by browsing through the crafts section, knitting is not a popular hobby here. i did managed to see a lot of japanese knitting books here. a series called "let's knit series". they do have wearable patterns but i think the styles are all very conservative and traditional. not sure its really for me at all times. i will continue my quest for more local pattern books. i did purchased one intarsia stitch pattern book with many designs of storybook characters (i'd love to post pictures but downloading not possible here).

and the yarns... i went to this wholesale market. roomful of yarns. mostly wool, well i can say it's all wool. no cottons (sigh!). they carried many japanese yarn mainly by kanebo (i had no idea kanebo is also manufacturing yarn, i thought they only make cosmetics?). some from england (no rowan, debbie bliss, i did not recognize the brand). many alpaca (again, not familiar with the brand). i think i'm at a point of yarn selection that if i can not read a couple reviews online about the brand, i'm hesitant to purchase. but, having said that, are you at least tempted by the incredible price at $30 for 10000g pure alpaca? $20 for 1000g pure new wool?

i foresee myself stocking up some after my excursion to hong kong this friday. my sister is going to take me to a LYS at taikoo shing.

another exciting note: my mum, who conveniently lives in australia, brought me the complete jo sharp knitting books and a few balls of silkroad aran tweed for the amy vest!

vacation is wonderful. too bad it's rainy here.

did not start on rebecca29 wrap. maybe i'll order the magazine and GGH softkid before i left so they'll be waiting for me when i return to US.