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March 01, 2005

it's wet and damp over here

almost a week into my vacation and i have yet to see the sun. taipei is wet and damp!

i'm afraid that my bamboo needles are going to soak up too much moisture and are going to slip open when i return the states.

but taipei, hmmm... food so delicous, shops so wonderful and did i mention yarn so cheap?

it's the first time for me to trek down yarnshops and knitting books in taipei. i can tell by browsing through the crafts section, knitting is not a popular hobby here. i did managed to see a lot of japanese knitting books here. a series called "let's knit series". they do have wearable patterns but i think the styles are all very conservative and traditional. not sure its really for me at all times. i will continue my quest for more local pattern books. i did purchased one intarsia stitch pattern book with many designs of storybook characters (i'd love to post pictures but downloading not possible here).

and the yarns... i went to this wholesale market. roomful of yarns. mostly wool, well i can say it's all wool. no cottons (sigh!). they carried many japanese yarn mainly by kanebo (i had no idea kanebo is also manufacturing yarn, i thought they only make cosmetics?). some from england (no rowan, debbie bliss, i did not recognize the brand). many alpaca (again, not familiar with the brand). i think i'm at a point of yarn selection that if i can not read a couple reviews online about the brand, i'm hesitant to purchase. but, having said that, are you at least tempted by the incredible price at $30 for 10000g pure alpaca? $20 for 1000g pure new wool?

i foresee myself stocking up some after my excursion to hong kong this friday. my sister is going to take me to a LYS at taikoo shing.

another exciting note: my mum, who conveniently lives in australia, brought me the complete jo sharp knitting books and a few balls of silkroad aran tweed for the amy vest!

vacation is wonderful. too bad it's rainy here.

did not start on rebecca29 wrap. maybe i'll order the magazine and GGH softkid before i left so they'll be waiting for me when i return to US.


Hi, I've just started reading your blog pretty recently and I'm excited to hear you are yarn shopping in Taipei. Where in Taipei is this wholesale market? Next time I'm in Taiwan I definately want to check it out!

I'm still lost in the blizzard's bellowing misery.

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