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March 24, 2005

more yarn and more needles!

i finally ordered the brown sheep's cotton fleece for some spring project, which i will post pictures when i receive them! also, i'm joining the honeymoon cami knitalong and i'll make them with some discontinued rowan's linen drape i found on ebay. i'm going to stick with this knitalong and actually work on the project as soon as the yarn arrives. i like this cami because of its understated elegance, and i will be making it in white (bleached) so it'll be great for summer and looks dashing against the tan!

i'm also comtemplating about purchasing a set of the denise interchangeable needles. i usually work with bamboo needles (sometimes addi's) and i like them a lot. so i'm not sure if i'll like the material of denise needles. read some reviews and everyone seems to like their denise needles. that's good to know.

the sleeves for the baby cable and seed stitch jacket are almost done! i can see myself finishing up this jacket in the next week!


You're like me! I always used bamboo circulars (never tried Addi's, though) and I just bought my Denise Interchangeable Needles last week. While I love the bamboo, the plastic of the Denises is just fine, and the convenience MORE than makes up for it. It's so great to have the freedom to know that you have the needles you need for ANY project, any gauge (well, okay, down to size 5). I'm really happy with them. One of the nice things is that say you're working two projects at once that both need size 8. You pop the needles off one circular cable, put on the little end button thingies that keep the stitches from falling off, and work on the other project. You can switch back and forth whenever you like.Anyway, I'm just encouraging you since I was where you are and I'm very happy with my purchase.-Rachel

I loved working with Cotton Fleece! I made a Haiku from Knitty.com for a little one I know and it was a great yarn to knit with. Have fun!

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