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March 21, 2005

pattern inspirations

i do intend to share my growing pattern book collections! so here they are:

my mum so generously brought me the entire collection of jo sharp's patterns from australia!! i like them quite a lot. though i've noticed that many of her designs are quite similar. i don't know if i like the body shapings for some of the patterns. however, i can see these books reflect very truly an australian way of life.
the book in the picture with chinese characters is one of my yarn shopping finds in taipei. in it are many cute motifs for storybook characters and alike:
aren't they cute?? i plan to incorprate some of the designs in my upcoming projects. i.e., this lovely t-shirt!!
so here are the rowan patterns i'd like to work on, notice two of them are made with kidsilk haze... i intend to use the kanebo yarns i got from taipei! they are just as lovely (sorry, pictures will have to come later)!!
love rowan. all so beautiful, all so sweet!


isn't it funny how you look at the jo sharp books and think they reflect an australian way of life. but i look at them and think that many of them a hideous - mostly bacause as you said there is no shaping and they are just big sacks. yet i'm australian! I love seeing how other people perceive us. great blog by the way and i'm looking forward to reading more.

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