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March 20, 2005

quick update

i took a lot of pictures of my knitting this weekend and was ready to post some entries with my recent knitting activities, but not sure why "hello bloggerbot"- program i use to post pictures was not responding.

hmm.. how disappointing! thus i am also comteplating whether i should invest in getting movable type?

anyway, good progress this weekend. i have picked debbie bliss's cable and seed jacket to be the project for my friend's newborn son. i use peruvian wool from elann.com and it turns out rather nicely so far. single spun peruvian wool splits quite easily so that is my only complain for this yarn. i have completed the back and have started on the sleeves. knitting a baby garment is so much faster!!

finally received my rowan 37. there are a few projects i'd love to make - butterfly (the short version in pink!!), chicago (love the tiny flowers!), beaded martha, marianne (short version) and heirloom. again, no pictures to show! for those of you owns the copy, you'd know what i'm talking about!

i also love kaffe fassett's design in this issue. i'm tempting to make the stepped flowers stole... i can see that would be a year long project!

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