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April 28, 2005

reasons for socks

i was daydreaming on the way to work couple mornings ago, i was thinking that i will not be able to make a shawl for my mum in time for mother's day, though i had promised that i'd make one. so what would be a good and fast project to knit? socks, i thought to myself. and that's how it all started.

not that i have never knitted socks before, i made two pairs of socks few years ago and did not like them. so i stopped pursuing sock knitting. but ever since i owned a blog, i have been prying way too much on others' fabulous blogs and had noticed there are way too many gorgeous looking socks floating around the cyberspace. so, i think i was unconsciously looking for a reason to start making socks again. though you can easily argue that i'm looking for reasons to buying all those too beautiful to mention sock yarns from poshy european countries!

and yes, i now have sock yarns in my stash but i can not show them until this weekend (if you have been a pattern observer of this blog, you should noticed that pictures are only posted on weekends (mostly, that is). nothing mysterious, just that i only have access to my computer then). i also purchased some circular needles so i can avoid using tiny DPNs.

yesterday was a good day as far as sock knitting went, not that i had started anything yet!

this morning, i happily signed up for "six sox knitalong" in hope that i'm going to make some socks that will be the envy of passersby and will be able to whip up a pair for emergency presents, etc.

but i do have questions i'd like to ask:

  1. is tubular cast on a must for socks? what about provisional cast on? and, is tubular only good for 1X1 ribbing?
  2. i notice a lot of the patterns are for leg cir. 8 inches, what if i'm going to make them for someone who has thinner or thicker cir.?
  3. what about the width of the foot? how to be able to read patterns and clearly understand if one should modify?
oh well, i hope i will be able to figure it out as i go. and maybe i'll have a pair ready in time for mother's day!

April 25, 2005

the least famous

the least famous cat of this blog, zoe. she can be a sweet and a trouble, depending on her fickled mood.

lazy monday

this is not the same cat, she is drizzit, another black/orange tabby that occupies our couch

misc. knitting excitements!

i have started a new baby project for another couple of ours this weekend. this time, i'm making a yoke cardigan in new baby wool from dale of norway. the pattern is from erika knight's new book "knitting for two". i love the simplicity of this cardigan and i'm making it in a soft cream color so it'll be good for both girl or boy, as the couple chose not to know the sex of the baby!

anyway, this project, though simple, is knitted on small needles, so i'm casting on 250 stitches for all front and back! i do hope this project will go fast once i get to the stockinette stitches then all i'll need to do is knit mindlessly for a while.

classic baby cardigan with seedstich border and stand up collar

definitely going to be a slow progress on US5 needles!
i went to atlanta and visited strings & strands with a friend this weekend! surprisingly i found they have some rowan's linen drapes in stock! i quickly picked up some so i can make another honeymoon cami for my sister! love LYS! they always have some discontinued stocks hanging out and waiting to be picked up by desperate knitters like myself!

lastly, update on the fluffy camisole and cowl from "weekend knitting", still clicking along! i'm almost done with the cowl and have started the camisole on a smaller needle, as the smallest size in the book is for 38" chest. i hope it'll turn out much better fitted using size 9 needles.

you did not think i'd leave the LYS without getting some yarns, did you? well, since i'm so in love with all those soft baby yarns, i picked up some debbie bliss's baby cashmerino for an undecided project. my friend thinks this color combination is unexpected yet harmonious, so, there you have it!

musky grey and soft yellow, what is it going to be?

April 21, 2005

why knitting?

have you ever wondered what is so intriguing about knitting? is it the thrill of knowing that you are capable of making something practical, personal and useful out of some seemingly useless balls of threads? is it the levels of accomplishment and satisfaction that the repetitive growing stitches can give you? or, is it the calmness that knitting provides, the moment that allows you to encapsulate in thoughts that belong only to yourself?

all of the above. at least for me, that is.

i would like to think that knitting is a very intimate activity between you and your yarn/needles. so much effort has put into and anticipation has been cultivated during the working process of a garment that you so desired. i think that is why i always feel reluctant to give my finished garments away as presents, because i fear that they will not be loved and cherished the same way if i were to be the one wearing it; i fear that they will just be tucked away and sold in the next yard sale. but most of all, i fear that whoever i gave my hand-knits to don’t understand what it is like to knit.

i am no philosopher and i am just merely sharing my worthless philosophical ideas of knitting. in a way, i hope everyone in the world would knit so we learn to cherish something you have worked hard for and to connect with your own individuality. and i like to think that we knitters are of a special breed. because we already know what it feels like to knit.

so, teach someone to knit. it is a very wonderful thing!

April 17, 2005

presenting honeymoon cami!

i finished the honeymoon cami this weekend! it did not go as smoothly as i had hoped, i ripped it off many times due to my own carelessness in following the pattern. it could be better, but i'm happy with the way it had turned out.

this is a very fast project, the ribbing at the bottom is very simple yet elegant! i was going to make it to be more elaborate but opted not to. the body shaping is quite straight forward but does all the magic! i especially love th deep V neckline back and front. the yarn i used is perfect for this project. the garment is quite light after it's finished, and i love the color a lot!

i can not wait for the summer to be here so i can wear it to the beach!

if you would like to make this cami, there's a knitalong going on!

honeymoon cami in rowan's linen drape in bleached. US 6. beautifully designed by julia. photographed by my talented husband.

knit project: knitty - honeymoon cami by julia trice
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: 32 in
yarn: rowan's linen drape in bleached
knitting specs: US 6 cir.

April 12, 2005

male pattern question for all fabulous knitwear designers

here's a question regarding male sweater pattern/design i'd like to ask my fellow knitters:

most patterns for men have no waist shaping at all (at least i have not came across one), usually that is not an issue for most men. but my husband, whom has a very defined inverted triangle upper body shape (read: well built), when he puts on such garment (store bought included), the back would always felt short or hangs out. therefore he hopes that when i knit a sweater for him, i can specifically tailored to his body shape so it won't do that.

how? is my questions to you all. waist shaping? i know it may be an odd question or request. but nowadays i have noticed the men's fashion is looking more tailored. so i'm hoping some of you knitwear designers out there would be able to provide some input.

i have also posted this questions somewhere else and here are some suggestions so far from craftster.org and knitter's review forum. feel free to share yours in the comment. i'm hoping this would be something helpful to many.

that's my man!

April 10, 2005

here's pumpkin again!

i tucked myself in the down comforter...

yeap, i look fab!

baby cardigan for my dear friend elisa

dear elisa,

i hope you are reading this from the other side of the ocean... and yes! i have finally finished the baby cardigan i had promised and before i'm sending it to you, i must show it off here at whispering pine.

i hope it will keep your new son looking dashing in this coming winter, and please know that our love and best wishes are stithed and woven in this cardigan. i hope to one day meet this boy of yours.

seed and cable stitch cardigan. 100% peruvian wool in oatmeal. US8.

knit project: debbie bliss's the baby knits book - seed and cable stitch cardigan
difficulty (1-5): 3
size: 12 mo
yarn: elann's peruvian wool in oatmealpaton's classic merino in olive
knitting specs: US 8 dpn & cir.

/2005/04/collage.jpg we all love the details... hand stitched buttons, split hem line, little pockets and seed stitch collar!

April 02, 2005

linen cami for the weekend

this is what i'm working on this weekend... details in "honeymoon cami KAL"!