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April 12, 2005

male pattern question for all fabulous knitwear designers

here's a question regarding male sweater pattern/design i'd like to ask my fellow knitters:

most patterns for men have no waist shaping at all (at least i have not came across one), usually that is not an issue for most men. but my husband, whom has a very defined inverted triangle upper body shape (read: well built), when he puts on such garment (store bought included), the back would always felt short or hangs out. therefore he hopes that when i knit a sweater for him, i can specifically tailored to his body shape so it won't do that.

how? is my questions to you all. waist shaping? i know it may be an odd question or request. but nowadays i have noticed the men's fashion is looking more tailored. so i'm hoping some of you knitwear designers out there would be able to provide some input.

i have also posted this questions somewhere else and here are some suggestions so far from craftster.org and knitter's review forum. feel free to share yours in the comment. i'm hoping this would be something helpful to many.

that's my man!


Adrian over at Hello Yarn designed a pattern for her husband to wear while cycling. It's definitely fitted, though now that I look at the pattern - it's an overall fitted look in the body - the arms are shaped.http://www.helloyarn.com/cyclingaran.htmI'd shape a sweater for a guy - especially if he was shapely himself. Either to compliment a belly - or accentuate great shoulders!:)

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