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April 21, 2005

why knitting?

have you ever wondered what is so intriguing about knitting? is it the thrill of knowing that you are capable of making something practical, personal and useful out of some seemingly useless balls of threads? is it the levels of accomplishment and satisfaction that the repetitive growing stitches can give you? or, is it the calmness that knitting provides, the moment that allows you to encapsulate in thoughts that belong only to yourself?

all of the above. at least for me, that is.

i would like to think that knitting is a very intimate activity between you and your yarn/needles. so much effort has put into and anticipation has been cultivated during the working process of a garment that you so desired. i think that is why i always feel reluctant to give my finished garments away as presents, because i fear that they will not be loved and cherished the same way if i were to be the one wearing it; i fear that they will just be tucked away and sold in the next yard sale. but most of all, i fear that whoever i gave my hand-knits to don’t understand what it is like to knit.

i am no philosopher and i am just merely sharing my worthless philosophical ideas of knitting. in a way, i hope everyone in the world would knit so we learn to cherish something you have worked hard for and to connect with your own individuality. and i like to think that we knitters are of a special breed. because we already know what it feels like to knit.

so, teach someone to knit. it is a very wonderful thing!


Oh what a lovely post that was! I 100% agree. It is hard to give away a knitting project to someone who doesn't knit. However, most projects I give away as presents go to mom, aunts, my cousin, and friends who knit... I have found that gifts to non-knitters are not liked as much. I actually made a scarf for a male co-worker I work really closely with for his birthday... a few months later he asked me if I wanted it back because he wasn't into scarves. Now, at first I was really pissed.. how rude! But it made me realize that he was being honest and that he realized how much effort I put into it and wanted me to have it back if he wasn't going to use it. It also made me realize that I should think twice about giving knitting projects to non-knitters in the future... not that it isn't going to happen, but I think certain friends, etc. would appreciate it more than others. I knit because I love tedious, artsy projects that get my mind off of everything else in my life. I knit because I have a desire to create something that could potentially outlast me in this crazy world. Happy knitting:)

I also totally agree. I am reluctant to knit "complete" pieces like a sweater for friends because only knitters really understand and appreciate all the hours and hard work that goes into making a piece. I have given cabled scarfs, hats with crocheted flowers to friends and family, feeling very proud of my work, and while they all complimented the pieces, no one expressed any interest in learning how to knit themselves. I thought surely SOMEONE would be curious enough to want to learn, maybe only because I find knitting to be the most fascinating invention ever. And yes, very satisfying and rewarding. A piece of string, a pair of unremarkable sticks, and voila! Art.

Like Dani said, what a lovely post! I'm writing an article for a new knitting magazine, and wanted to know if could interview you for it? It's about knitting blogs -- why do we write them and read them? Why do you love the knitting blogs you do? If you are interested in being interviewed, you can email me at wordgirlsatearthlinkdotnet.

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