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May 22, 2005

a pair of socks!

finally, an FO! making this pair of socks is like pulling teeth! especially the motivation to start the second one. but i'm glad it's all done! it'll be on its way to brisbane next week, i hope my mum will like it!

i may want to try my next pair with long-tail cast on. i like the tubular cast on, but one of the socks feels like it's a bit tight so i'm going to experiment with other cast on methods to see which ones i like the best.

so, what next? i am having the urge to finish off all the half down projects (the fluffy camisole and baby sweater), however, i think i need to start the sorbet skirt now!

what to do with the left over yarns? a pair of baby socks?

do you think the right one has more dark shades?

knit project: socks for mother's day
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: woman's medium (64 stitches, tubular cast on)
yarn: brown sheep's wildfoote luxury sock yarn in geranium (08)
knitting specs: 2 X US 2 cir.


WiseNeedle over at string-or-nothing.blog-city.com advocates a half-hitch cast on for a giving sock top. Email her if you can't find a link for it on either of her pages.

The socks look great! I had the same problem with the tubular cast on - a bit too tight. Extra sock yarn could be heels and toes for a future pair?

Nice! And I really love the idea of using the extra yarn for heels and toes for another pair. That would be so cute! As for the cast on, I don't much care for sock-knitting myself but I solve my too-tight cast-on row problems on other projects by casting on on needles 2 sizes larger than those I'm using for the project and then switching. I also bind off that way. Works well for me. I'm sure others have more sock-specific tips.

Your socks look great. I like Diana's idea for the extra sock yarn. Would you mind e-mailing me the info on your labels? I've been wanting some and those look nice (I like the subtlety).

okay, i love the color red, so those socks are the best. i use the long tail cast on method for socks, and i haven't had any problems with it, but i tend to cast-on, knit, and bind-off fairly loosely, so i'm not sure how much help that is.

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