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May 31, 2005

beautiful yarns from norway

du store alpakka!
a dear friend of mine gave me a bag of beautiful yarns from her recent visit to norway this memorial weekend, and i am obligated to show my readers such lovely colors blended in fibers of alpaca and silk! i'm in love with them immediately! my friend obvious knows me well for she picked such beautiful assortments of colors.

so, what should i make? a pair of gloves? a short sleeved sweater incorporated those colors as stripes? a chevron stitched scarf with matching hat? any ideas? i want to use all five balls in a project as these colors look so harmoniously together. i would not want to separate them at all!

thank you for the lovely yarns, hege!


ooooh, baby silk is my favourite norwegian yarn! look at those beautiful colours - you are one lucky girl!

Mmm, pretty colors, but I'd probably split them up myself so that the red, pink, and purple went together for a hat while the blue and olive went together for gloves/mittens. (But you could still wear them all at once!)Of course, I have no idea how much yarn you'd need versus how much yarn you have.Of course, stripey sweaters are always cute.

Lucky you! I say you should do a hat/mitten/scarf set or somethign like that... How fun! You should try Knit Picks yarn, I am loving how it is knitting up BTW! Have a good week!

kris from strikker sent me a sample of the baby silk and it is divine! i cannot wait to make something with it....you are soooo lucky!

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