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May 16, 2005

belated update on my sock adventure

i knew at the the back of my head that i needed to show some evidence that my sock knitting is not just a virtual blah. so, i'm catching the wave of the picture posting madness today to provide pictorial evidence of my sock knitting as of late.

this pile of yarn is my current sock yarn stash. they are enough for four pairs of socks. the variegated red is for my mum, greyish black is for my dad. i will own the red flaky self patterned and husband will have the most beautiful green/grey self patterned.

i started off my first attempt with my mum's socks (reason being i had the wild dream that i would finish the socks in time for mother's day). well, i finished one sock before mother's day. the second sock is still in progress.

sock knitting has been fun. i must say. since i am using two circulars to knit socks, i will cast on two socks at the same time for my next pair to avoid the setbacks.

these yummy looking yarn has been in my possession for two weeks now, they are for the wave skirt of IK spring. since the yarn looks more like delicious sorbet, this project will now be called "the sorbet skirt" in my blog.

i am so eager to start this project! but, due to the number of WIPs is too high for my taste at this moment, i will not start until one of the projects is done. thus, i'm knitting away the socks like mad!

delicious yarn for my sorbet skirt!


oooh, you have a great sock yarn stash already! and I'm looking forward to see how the sherbert skirt comes out.

Still contemplating the sherbert skirt! No, I haven't forgotten... I will write it down, so I remember to get a copy of that pattern! Grr... too much I was to knit right now! the socks look lovely! Thanks for the input on my blog! The bag is almost done!

Sock yarn! Too exciting -- I hope to see some pictures of them knitted up soon. I absolutely adore sock yarn and I understand your need to collect it.

Hmm, all those sock yarn looks yummy and so are the sherbert yarns. I wish it's not so hot here so that I can knit more socks.

I adore socks and love your sock yarn stash. The colors for your sherbet skirt look yummy. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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