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May 23, 2005

choose your labels wisely

thanks for all the compliments and support for my socks and label (respectively)! i appreciate them all! i have to say, the place where i ordered my labels from is really nice, they give you a pretty realistic expectation as to when you will get them. if you are unsure of the color combination, you may want to call and chat with them first (that, was something i did not do).

so, have at it!


I'm loving the color of those red socks. I'll have to read the post again for the name of the yarn.

Thanks for all your label input. I was thinking about ordering some too and will definitely do some research involving color combos.The red socks are gorgeous! We were sock women this weekend weren't we! Good timing! :)

Hey :)Your blog is really great! I love love love those red socks. Great job--you make me want to try socks.Tere :)

Thanks for posting that link for labels--I have been looking for labels of that kind--this is very helpful.

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