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May 07, 2005

for the love of books... a book meme

a rabbit and a snake resting on our bookshelf. why? take a guess!

domesticat tagged me for a book meme...

total number of books in your house ... my husband and i are both book lovers. we buy books on regular basis so there are books everywhere in this house. not just books, magazines, too! i also have a habit of requesting catalogues from all over the place and look at them whenever i need inspiration for whatever obsessions i have at the time.

there are basically two types of books in this household. one belongs to my husband and these basically are fantasy novels of elves, hobbits, dragons, wizards... "lord of the ring"-ish type of books. another type belongs to me and these are of various topics. they can be biographies of famous or not so famous people, novels of mystery, romance, controversial topics, cookbooks of various style, light humors, comics books (actually, my husband owns those), resource tools etc.

in addition, i also have a collection of books in chinese. i prefer to read in chinese from time to time as i feel the essence of a story can sometimes lost during the translation, the oomph and the magic of a language is difficult to convert.

and of course, i have lately started a collection of knitting related books. they have the most of my love right now. my husband told me once that he feels like he needs to wash hands first before he touches my rowan magazines!

The last book you bought was ...
the snow fox: a novel by susan fromberg schaeffer
the accidental connoisseur : an irreverent journey through the wine world by lawrence osborne
postcards from the edge by carrie fisher

i bought these books to read on the plane for my earlier trip. i only got through a few pages of the first one and have not picked it back up yet as other things were taking up my time (ie, knitting).

The last book you read was ...
shopaholic & sister by sophie kinsella
oh, i love the shopaholic series. it's kind of lame, i know, but i really like light british novels! this may have something to do with my times spent in london. the humor and the use of words just so attractive to me. actually, my sister gave me this book, we share similar tastes in some books.

5 (or 6) books you often read or that mean a lot to you ...
hmm... memoirs of a geisha by arthur golden. i love novels about the east, especially in english. this book is very well written and very well plotted. i can see myself reading it over and over again.

the royal game & other stories by stefan zweig. i read one of the stories "a letter from an unknown woman" when i was about fourteen. i read it in chinese. since then i read it many times and every time i am amazed by his description of such poweful infatuation. it's a beautifully written story about a young woman felt in love and she bared such love to her death. i have yet to read it in english. i may feel differently about the story after i do.

a year in provence by peter mayle. this book, along with many other mayle's books, introduced me to the beautiful provence and made me felt in love with that place before i ever get a chance to visit there. all those lavender fields, french country cooking, southern french hospitality and sunday markets... don't you just feel the urge to immediately reserve a summer house and fly over there to experience it all? i do. all the time. mayle is a great writer, his light english humor and persuasive words are very attractive to me.

cooking for mr. latte by amanda hesser. i not only love the story between hesser and mr. latte, i also love how she integrated the stories with so many wonderful recipes. yes, it has great recipes! as an epicurean, i appreciate reading books about foodies!

garden of eden by ernest hemingway. books of hemingway often give a perception of being too literary and hard to follow. i don't think it should apply to this one (or a moveable feast). this is a story about triangular loves between man and woman. hemingway uses a simple story line to discuss intricate loves of human, though simple in plot, there is an abundance of beautifully described scene to make it a worth read.

what? no knitting books on the list? well, i read all the knitting books all the time so that in itself should deserve its own meme...

who are you going to pass this on to and why ...
erika (winter garden)
dani (knitting sunshines)
kris (s t r i k k e r)

*sorry if you are tagged twice, i should have followed your blog more closely*

why? i love their blogs, i may love their books, too.


i also really love the provence series...talk about transporting you off to far away places

And I really love Garden of Eden. It's so...sexy and languid and full of tension. Thanks for tagging me...I'll work on my list this week! (I am book-obsessed, of course!)

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