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May 16, 2005

knitting in the rain

it is currently sunny outside my office window and i'm feeling kind of weird for creating an entry with this title. but really, it will all make sense with what i am about to share:

this past weekend i spectated the first race of the season - a duathlon at callaway garden, GA. my husband was a participant, me, a former participant, wimped out this year due to lack of training.

last year, the weather was too beautiful to mention. this year, there was nothing but rain, rain, rain!

bikes are soaked in the rain.

husband biking in the rain, too fast for a clear image!

last year, i was regretting for not packing a bathing suit for sunbathing next to the lovely lake after race, this year, i brought my straw hat, bathing suit, sunscreen and even a sarong. well, they never left our car!

this is the would be beautiful lake to sunbath near if there's no rain.

however, last year, i was not possessed by the knitting god. this year, i brought my knitting and i was happily knitted away in the car!

the second sock in working. the towel was actually functional (to wipe the rain off my legs and hands)!

nonetheless, it was a fun weekend. we got to see friends, and my husband got to experience some near-death experience when biking in the rain! and i finally started on the second sock, it's all good!

he's my warrior!


Thanks for all those pics! I want to do some mini-triathalons this summer but am way to out of shape right now to even thing about any until August... This winter has left me with 10 pounds or so to loose.... So, I feel your not in shape pain! What crappy weather! That had to be a scary bike portion! Your hubby looks awfully ripped in that last picture! :)

oh man, a duathlon! i get tired (and impressed) just looking at those pictures.love the sock yarn. absolutely beautiful.

At least you had your knitting to keep you warm. Your hubby is one tough guy to compete in that! Yikes.

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