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May 21, 2005

label and trade

i ordered some labels a while back and just received them today. i'm quite disappointed. why? because honestly can you make out what the heck it reads? oh well. this is going to be the constant reminder of my own stupidity. sparkling thread! nice.

if you squint your eyes, it should read " hand knit by blossom from whispering pine"

i do, however, got something exciting this week from my successful rowan trade with ninja kitten! two issues of knit 1 and skeins of berroco glace! love trading! now i need to find a project to show off this beautiful yarn. any thoughts?

my first pair of socks is almost done! whew! so close to start another new project!


Too bad -- it looks like it would look really nice if it were a bit more legible. I still think it's usable -- perhaps you could pretend the subtlety was intentional! Where did you get it?

I like your subtle labels! Where did you get them? Do I recgonize your Willow under that label? I'm working on mine--the body and collar are done, now I have to do sleeves. Yours Willow is lovely--I hope mine turns out. I'm using the pearly gray color of Ribbon Twist.

The same thing happened with mine :( You can't read my name at all! Next time I plan on ordered the larder sized labels...

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