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May 12, 2005

rowan for trade

i somehow ended up with two copies of rowan 37, and i'm wondering if anyone is up for trade? just leave me your email in the comment and we can discuss details from there.

i'll take yarn, magazine, accessories of equal value. whom i'd like to trade with is entirely up to me. however preference will be given to regular readers.



Two copies! I have done that before with books too! I would take you up on that offer except for the fact I already have that magazine... Its a great issue. Happy knitting!

I would trade too, but I have it. I hope you find someone to trade for something wonderful.

I'd be willing to trade. I don't have much stuff, but I could dig out what I do have and talk it over with you via email. You can contact me at planescape at pobox dot com.

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