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May 31, 2005

what are you knitting this week?

last day of may! summer will officially be here tomorrow. what did i do on the memorial weekend? i started a second pair of socks!

long tail cast on, 2X2 ribbing, nice and stretchy!

when i selected this particular yarn, i envisioned that this colorway would be more suitable for men, like my dad. and it did, such pretty blue, beige, grey and hints of purple. even i liked it! so a sequence of rationalization was initiated on my side as to perhaps i need to keep the socks to myself... (very bad)! my husband of course kept reminding me that it is going to be a pair of socks for my father. i am coming to grip of that fact now.

who won't love such beautiful array of colors?

since it will be summer soon (like tomorrow) and i have yet to make any decent progress on the sherbet skirt, i casted on that project last week, too! but after i have knitted a few rows, i was not too happy with the tension... so i ripped it off to start again when i attain a calmer mindset. i don't like to start a project when i'm in a haste.

uneven stitches everywhere. albeit the pretty color, you're going to be frogged!

also, remember the fluffy camisole? it's actually very close to finish! a picture to show you the DMC thread i'll use to crochet the edge. rowan's kid silk haze is really a soft and fluffy yarn. i love it!

DMC cotton perle bathed in the sun!

i'm also making slow progress on the baby cardigan, two more inches till the decrease for yoke! friend's baby won't be here until august, so i still have plenty of time! dale of norway's baby ull is a beauty to work with!

half way there!

so, the secret pal program is starting (so exciting), it feels like christmas! better than christmas actually, as you have no idea when and what the presents will be here! and you know someone else is feeling the same way, awaiting the presents you will be sending.

guess what i also found out this morning? alison at the blue blog is hosting sockapal-2-zers (another sock exchange progam)! you bet i'll be sending her my info tomorrow when the gate opens!


I was excited to see the sockapal-2-zers this morning too! That should be fun. Looks like you've got a lot of knitting projects going on this week. I'll be finishing up Orangina and maybe doing some yarn dyeing..

What is that colorway of the wildfoote that you used in the socks for your dad? Very nice looking.

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