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June 15, 2005

all those secrets...

first, the secret pal, second, the secret sock pal. oh! can i just yell out at the cyberspace - who are you?

no, not yet! i don't want to spoil the fun.

the secret pal. she has been great (i think it's a she), she writes me often (nice, funny letters), and she is sending me something this week (absolutely, the best part). actually, i'm not sure what she is going to surprise me with, but my knitter's instinct tells me that it's going to be something wonderful!

so, am i a good secret pal to this person? i hope so. i write her on occasions (i know it's a her), i sent her a card (she liked it), and i just bought something for her from her wishlist (that can't be bad)! and i am getting ready to send her something (and i hope she will like them).

now for my secret sock pal, it is a little different for you are not sending out presents, you are sending out your knitted projects, in this case, a pair of socks with tailored instructions from the recipient.

this makes me a little nervous (well, a lot nervous). why? first, i feel like my knitting skill is going to be examined and possibly scrutinized but the recipient. second, i am not sure if my taste and selection of yarn is meeting the expectation of the recipient's. third, i want to do something a little bit fancier than just plain stockinette stitches but the risk of messing it up will be somewhat proportional to how difficult the pattern rates. lastly, and the most terrifying fear: what if it just does not fit? oh! i can see myself doing the edvard munch scream.

okay, perhaps my melodramatic descriptions deemed unnecessary, but those aforementioned concerns do exist on a lesser scale in my heart. so, what do i do? i ran out and bought this.

yes, a book. a sock knitting book! i heard many good things about this book so i'm going to pick a pattern from it and work on it. i'm a sock knitter with skills stuck between beginner and intermediate, so, i hope my sock pal will not die laughing at my crude attempt on a pretty pattern. yes, i have insecurities and they are particularly prominent in sock knitting.

thanks to all the lovely comments on my gallery! they are truly appreciated.


Weirdly, I also signed up for a sock exchange recently [no, not the same one]. The person I'm knitting socks for is a guy. I don't really mind at all, except it makes fitting the socks a bit more difficult for me. I'm hoping my husband will allow me to use him as a foot model. *grin*Talulah Kumquat

I am doing the secret sock pal too, and well, until reading your post I was only thinking about yarn choice! But knitting perfection is required here! We can do it! Have you ever seen a sock gone wrong? - practically doesn't exist. no problem.

See, the good thing about knitters is that as a whole, we're an accepting and understanding group and we appreciate the patern, the yarn, and the time put into a project a lot more than we care about knitting perfection. I believe Elizabeth Zimmermann said something about the way you know it's handknit is because it isn't perfect. If you try your best and send it to your pal, it will be appreciated, without a doubt. Let me know how you like that book, I've been considering adding it to my collection.

I didn't end up doing the sock exchange. Yours are going to be great I am sure!

Hi! I cruised over here from Alison's blog (I'm trying to look at the blogs of ALL the sock knitters!) And I can tell you that I am a very experienced sock knitter and my pal from the last exchange was a newbie! Her sock was PERFECT simply because it was made with love and to be honest, it was MY first hand knit sock! So fear not, anyone who is involved in an exchange like this is doing it for the companionship, not to criticise anyone else's knitting! I'm sure yours will be great! :)

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