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June 02, 2005

can i go out?

no, you don't need to be going outside from the second floor window!

our cats, unlike other domesticated cats, LOVE to go outside. but sometimes, they would try everything to let you know that that's what they want, like this silly furball here sniffing the window while i'm knitting! oh, my cats are funny!

i have successfully signed up for the sockapaltwoza! more socks to make! i'm slowly turning myself into a sock knitter and i love it!

knitting goal this week: finish the fluffy camisole and cowl. i have finished the cowl, it's light, warm and fuzzy! the other day i found out that craftster had a knitalong for this project and soknitpicky had posted a beautifully done camisole and cowl!


I love kitty! Even though both my cats are indoor cats, Kali insists upon spending hours on the back porch. I feel bad though, because she cries alot when she wants out... Grr... Soma on the other hand it totally content with some bird watching from the windows! Cats are so silly...I didn't end up signing up for Sockapa2ooza or whatever its called because I am going to be super busy in the field from July - Sept. Last year I did zero knitting during this time. I didn't want to ruin the fun for someone else if I couldn't finish... :( Owell.Can't wait to see more socks from you... The red ones came out so nice :)Have a good day!