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June 17, 2005

feels like christmas!

first, my secret pal sent over a sock themed package!

first contact with home spun yarn, for me and the curious pumpkin!

zoe, too. though she is also into the lovely whipstick lip balm (chocolate flavor!)

second, dani cured my stitch marker envy by sending over some cutest stitch markers! with cats and mice, too!

real cats were wondering why there are cats on the stitch markers, but more importantly, why it's them that get to go outside?

thank you so much, secret pal and dani! i love them all! so excited with the home made yarn! i can't wait to make some beautiful socks with them. i looked through the "folk socks" book, i can tell already that i'll be making some socks from there. and you know what, my WIPs will now be dressed with beautiful stitch markers!


Yay, glad you got them! I loved the kitties, I just couldn't pass them up! You got an awesome present from your SP! That yarn is gorgeous... and what a fun color!Have a great weekend Blossom!

love the stitch markers and the gorgeous yarn. still, your cat is beautiful and that pic where she stretches to smell the lip balm is fantastic!