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June 07, 2005

managing disasters

first, i would like to express my appreciation to all the generous compliments on the fluffy cami! they are precious to me and my blog! so, thank you.

last night, i casted on (for the second time) the sorbet skirt and i'm about 6 or 7 rows from the beginning. it's not dramatic enough to justify a picture so i'm saving that till later. i have been reading and stealthing knitting blogs for a few months and have yet to come across a knitted skirt, when i did, it usually ended up being loathed by the creator. hmm... this makes me worry for i chose this project based on the fact that i'd be able to wear it to work, and the color of the skirt should be quite complementing to an array of tops i own. so, what if the skirt turned out to be a colossal disaster? then, all my expectation and fantasy for this piece will be vanished instantly. do i want to carry on a project bearing such fear? but, if kat coyle can pulled it off, i hope i can, too.

to minimize the risk of creating a disastrous knitwear, i made a couple modifications to the original pattern: given that the smallest size was still too big for me, i will knit in US5 all the way until the fan feather pattern in hope that the upper part of the skirt will at least be fitted to my petite frame. i will use US6 instead of US7 for the lower part of the skirt, and eliminate some repeat sequences so the length of the skirt will be some what appropriate for my height. now, should i make the lace edging? oh, i'll make that decision when i come to that.

and, i will also try on this piece as early and frequently as possible, if at some point i feel that the skirt will invariably be a failure, i will, without any reservation, frog. thank goodness i'm using brown sheep's cotton fleece. i love this yarn. versatile and soft!

whew! what a stressful entry.

aside from the skirt, i made some great progress on my dad's socks! i am on to the second sock now. however, i had just realized that in australia, father's day is not until september 4th. here i'm knitting my hearts out thinking june 19th is the d-day, and had verbally prepped my dad for a surprising gift, oh well, who to blame?

gotta love the one-size-fits-all ribbing sock


Love the sock! Wow-- modification to that skirt! I am really small on my lower half and am always trying to find skirts that fit me better. I love that woman's site... She has such great pictures of her work and some beautiful projects!

Your Dad is going to love those socks. They definitely look manly! The colors are great.

Your plan for the skirt sounds perfect. I think the key to any knitwear is to know what works on you (and what doesn't). You're tiny and I can't imagine something like that not working. It will be lovely.