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June 17, 2005

quick and sorbety

you will be pleased to know that my sorbet skirt is now entering the stripey zone. oh, the cotton fleece is just lovely; stockinette stitches produce an even, shiny, cottony fabric. light, to my surprise, and very soft! sometimes, you really just need to give praises to the american made yarns. i also put the skirt on to see the fit, and i'm happy with the fit! excellent!

so, anyone who is interested in seeing a finished wave skirt, go here. anyone who is interested in making a knitted skirt, don't hesitate anymore! get yourself some cotton fleece and start stitching.

more later with pictures.


Love it, love it! I was looking at the pattern and the sizes seem very odd. The first size is 27" waist and is like a 40 inch hip?

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