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June 13, 2005

shall we get it finished?

the past weekend was one of those you felt like you were knitting like crazy but there was nothing to show, or at least nothing exciting to show.

so, i was trying to tidy up all the projects i started back in the spring, i had hopes that i'd finish the baby cardigan, but due to several ripping and reknitting, it is still waiting to be sewn together. also, due to excessive/obsessive blocking, i may have flatten the ruffling a bit too much! so, i took it off the blocking board and let it sit and regain its ruffling shape before constructing it into a proper garment. knitting is such a forever learning experience, isn't it?

almost there!
i am also knitting along the skirt but have nothing to show. i'm hoping by the end of this week, i will be able to finish all the increases and begin the fun part - stripes of summery sorbet colors!

once i've finished the baby cardigan and the socks for my dad, i am thinking of starting this halter top with GGH capri i bought earlier this year. what do you think? i know i can not wear the halter top to work, but at least i can wear them during weekends, so i'm not just knitting something that i'll never wear. i'm all for practical knitting!

rebecca24 halter top in capri
i hope this week will pass quickly so i can get back to my knitting. i came across an amazing piece of design by anna this weekend! whew! i was totally blown away by such ingenious style and completely fashion forward! i hope she will decide to share or publish this pattern because i will be there buying it!


I love that halter! I'm going to have to see if I can find that magazine somewhere. I think you could wear it to work with a jacket. I'm not sure if you ever have to wear suits, but I'm constantly looking for summery tops to wear under my jackets. The baby cardi is precious - so cute. I'm really excited to see your progress on the sorbet skirt - it seems like such a lovely summer project.

I saw that halter on Saturday when I was looking through mags with a friend! I love your yummy green yarn :)LOVE the baby cardi! You knit such beautiful things!Maybe seeing your progress on the sorbet skirt will modivate me to start it?!

that halter is so cute you should definitely make it!also, the baby jacket is supercute. looking forward to seeing it finished!

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