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June 23, 2005

should the butterfly be pink?

original cream (love it)
so, in order to make myself all tangled up in multiple projects, i'm thinking of starting a new project in a few weeks: the butterfly from rowan37. i bought some KSH wannabe yarns in taipei a few months ago and i chose these two soft pastels to come home with me. but i have not been able to decide which is a better color for butterfly. it's always tough to pick a color to knit. i tend to gravitate towards my favorite colors and this is typically fine until one day the whole wardrobe consists of only one color palette. so, is it gonna be green or pink? what's your thought?
but i only have green and pink?


ooo, I'm so excited to see you knit this! It will look good on you. That color choice is a tough one. I like them both a lot. I guess I'd make my decision based on what I already have in my closet that I would wear it with.

Based on your projects below, are you usually a pink knitter? I do like the green for Rowan's Butterfly.. it looks nice and muted, suited to the pattern. But then again, this is perhaps biased because I am a green knitter for sure!

I think green would be lovely on you. I would be concerned that the pink is over-the-top girly...unless that's a look you are going for. :-)

One more vote on Green!Green will go better with any bottoms ( if you are thinking of wearing over pants or skirt )I can't wait to see how your project turns out.....

Damned if I know. I'm having mine own problems on pink versus green. Out of these choices, I think I like this particular green better.

Green gets it again! Its a very pretty color.

They are both really lovely, but I vote green. I love pink in general, but in this case, I think it will be too close to flesh tone.

I say green. Don't know why...just green

I know this goes against the grain, but I have to cast my vote for pink...:)

I have to say the green... I love that Meadow color.... but, thats just me being me and not you. If I were you, I would.... go green! NO seriously though, I think either color would be nice because the pink is very muted. If you would wear it, go for it! Have a great weekend!

The green is lovely and butterfly would look special in green, kind of unexpected like.

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