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June 03, 2005

should we feel guilty?

why do we always feel guilty when we purchase yarns? do you feel guilty when you need to buy, say, a pair of socks? i often wonder about that. is guilt a feeling that emerges when you do something that you consciously know that you shouldn't? is yarn buying a sinful activity for knitters?

how much money do you spend on yarn buying every month? how many of those yarns actually turn into functional garments? do you feel more guilty if your number of FO is far less than your yarn stash?

why in the world am i asking all these somewhat rhetorical questions? well, that's because i've just spent helluva lot of money in just under 10 minutes to get me some yarn.

this all happened when my lovely husband (affectionate adjective to describe husband is necessary as he may read my blog and find out my splurge one day) brought me an envelope sent from rowan last night, in it was a list of yarns that are on sale; in it, i found some rowan calmer and some jaeger ex. fine merino all 50% off. i've heard way too many good things about these yarns and i think if i'm going to get them, i should get them NOW!

and, of course, i did.

so, what will these yarns turn into? the beautiful audrey from rowan35 (one that owns by all knitters!) and this classic polo shirt from jaeger classic knit.

that's it. no more yarns for me. except...

this fall, eton and audrey are coming to my wardrobe!


Hmmm. Those are good questions! I would say that in November and December I probably spend 200 bucks on yarn (BUT-- most of it is for presents,which I would probably spend more on anyways). I would say the rest of the year, I spend an average of 40 bucks a month on new yarn/needles etc. However, I do sew and bead.. and bake... so my hobby expenditures go up a lot. Owell... I think I am pretty good about using what I buy. I do have around 20 skeins of yarn that were either gifted to me or I bought with no projects in mind... but I am sure I will use it up someday.I love the fact you bought a bunch of sale rowan. It doesn't happen very often, so I say treat yourself! I love the projects you have in mind :)Have a good weekend!

Oooh, a Rowan sale! That IS a good find (I am tempted to ask where, but I'm trying to control my own yarn habit!). Love the pics of your projects and can't wait to see your fluffy lace cami/cowl. Thanks for having visited my blog!

I just happen to have also gotten that mailing from Rowan. The sin would be to ignore such a great sale...and I did not.On the average, though, I buy way less yarn than I used to. The reason is due to the fact that most of the objects I knit are knit with my handspun yarn...and since it takes longer to complete an object [spin, ply, and then knit], I buy less.So what colors did you buy?-talulah kumquat