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June 26, 2005

sorbet skirt in every direction

"your skirt is lovely", so my husband tells me.

knit project: interweave spring 2005 - wave skirt
difficulty (1-5): 2.3
size: 27 in
yarn: brown sheep's cotton fleece in assorted colors
knitting specs: US 5 & 6 cir.

my husband has always been a great supporter for my knitting, he always praises my work. however, he is particularly happy with this one and he's inspired to take many pictures for me during the sunset of this warm alabama sunday!

so, i have to say that my worries for knitting a skirt is completely gone by the end of this project. kat coyle is a genius for designing this figure flattering skirt. though a lot of kamikaze knitting went on this past couple weeks, i still think that this is a very quick and straight forward knit, though don't let all the weaving ins scare you off. cotton fleece can not have enough compliments from me, also, i learned how to bind off in beautiful lacey edges which is always a thumbs-up from me when i get to learn new techniques from a project!

i only lightly blocked this by pinning the edgings and spraying some water to let it dry. i will wash this after i wear this to work tomorrow! i'm all for integrating my knittings in with my daily wardrobe. hey, less shopping for commercially made clothes for me!

"she's equally flattering in every direction", husband adds.

what a finishing weekend! no more excitement for a while, my friends.


Your skirt is indeed lovely! Great work!

Your husband is right, it looks lovely on you.

another beautiful fo! the skirt is fantastic and you look great in it.

he is right! it looks great!

hubby's right...it looks fantastic on you. great job!

It's really beautiful! I like the baby cardigan too. :-)

I love it! It is so cute...and looks great on you!

You DO look fabulous in that skirt. What a great job. Your husband's admiration is well deserved.

Very nicely done. It looks great on you and it's wonderful it's something you can wear to work.

Help me!!! I'm in love with your new skirt. It came out fabulous & fits perfectly! You should be very proud.I decided to start Butterfly (love your butterfly bush) also as soon as I finish Birch. What color did you decide on? I love the green. I'm going to use Pearl. I can't wait!!!

Must. Have. This. Skirt! Its so great! Thanks for being the first one to knit 'n tell!

Great skirt... you are absolutely talented in knitting!! The colour is fantastic for summer, any chance of knitting one for your sweet little sister!?

Wow. I must say, I never expected a knitted skirt could look so awesome. Congrats on the cool finish.

Whoa, that is an incredible skirt! It's beautiful and looks even more beautiful on you. I never thought a knitted skirt could look that good. Great job!

looks great and very flattering on you!

I don't know which is more adorable: You or that skirt. Simply FABULOUS!!!

Oh my gosh, you look AMAZING in that! I love it! I just bought my yarn today, YAY! Did you make any pattern adjustments? Your husband is super lucky... I'm glad he likes it!


It looks so great on you--better than on the IK model. I hope you enjoy your FO!

Fantastic skirt. Oh dear, I might have to check out the Cotton Fleece colors again.

Great looking skirt! Could you tell me which issue of IK it is from?

purly asked and now i'm curious... have you been wearing the skirt since you finished it? has it stretched or sagged at all, or kept that gorgeous shape?

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