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July 14, 2005

a sheet of purple lace

i am multitasking right now: reviewing data for my experiment, babysitting the robot (i work in a robotic drug screening lab) and, i'm blogging. how's that for efficiency? actually, i have been multitasking my knit projects these few days, too! i have *finally* finished the ribbed socks for my dad (pictures to come), surprisingly it fits me perfectly! actually, my dad is a small guy so i am pretty sure he can wear it, too.

so, ribbed socks out of the way, sockapal-2-za socks begin and that will be my project this weekend. hopefully, i'll have something to show next tuesday!

i forgot to bring my orangina pattern along, so i am just making laces (may be longer than necessary now). i'll start on the back (or front) piece this weekend, too.

purple lace everywhere!
what about audrey? well, sleeves are half way done (wonderful!), not only that, i also watched "roman holiday" this weekend with my husband (kudos for him as it is classified as a chick-flick). i am drawn to classics on regular basis, i think if a movie can sustain the test of time and popular culture, it is destined to be seen. so, i have made an effort to watch "gone with the wind" when i first came to alabama. totally loved it, given that at the time i was just slowly introduced to the southern culture etc. aside from "roman holiday", we also watched "the graduate" this weekend. another classic! strange to see dustin hoffman as a young guy.

so, what are your favorite classic movies?


I love old John Wayne movies and Breakfast at Tiffany. Orangina is looking great and I can't wait to see you other in-progress stuff

I love Audrey Hepburn movies and Roman Holiday is ranked as one of my faves :-) Beautiful progress on Orangina, by the way... the colour is so pretty!

Oh that purple is just lovely! Favorite classic? Mmh, 'Casablanca'.

Your orangina looks fabulous! I am still ribbing...and ribbing...and ribbing...but I am so close!

That is such a lovely Orangina! Beautiful color.Oh, I love Roman Holiday :)

Wowza. That is looking gorgeous.

beautiful colour! I can't wait to knit mine up, need to buy the yarn and have a baby first though! ;- )