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July 16, 2005

father's day socks

father's day socks

knit project: ribbed socks for father's day
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: man's small (60 stitches, long tail cast on)
yarn: brown sheep's wildfoote luxury sock yarn in zane grey (SY36)
knitting specs: 2 X US 2 cir.

i know the father's day in the states is long gone, but my dad lives in australia, so, i'm actually ahead of the game for this one! oh, i'm actually quite happy with this ribbed socks! i wanted to knit a pair for my dad that is simple, comfortable, that he will actually wear it! so, i opted for a straight forward pattern! since there's nothing exciting about the style, i chose brown sheep's wildfoote sock yarn to add to the attraction.

the result: a pair of every day socks with understated colors, wearable and comfortable. that's why it actually stays on my feet longer than it should.

green self-patterned sock, can this be more interesting?
so, now on to socks for sock pal, but wait! this is not the sock pal's socks!! it's the sock for the husband! well, since i'm knitting socks, might as well knit two pairs at the same time! my husband had watched me stitching out two pairs of socks (for my parents) and had been patiently waiting for his turn. so, with no further delay, i casted on late last night and opal self pattern sock is on the way.

this will be my first try with the self-patterend yarn. i have to say, i quite like it! it keeps the knitting interesting, and the opal yarn is lovely! after seeing the socks for my dad, husband also wanted a ribbed pair (hmm!!), so i am hoping the self-patterned will keep me interested and i'll be able to finish this pair before the winter comes.

ok, now, a depressing and shocking news! i was ready to pack the yoked baby cardigan for friends last night, and guess what i found? a pink stain on the cream color yarn! what is the deal? i was so mad (emotionally and possibly psychologically) and i showed this to my husband, to verify my visual observation. he looked at it and said: yeah, a pink stain, you're not hallucinating!

now, before any knitting begins this weekend, i'm going to attempt the stain removal process. i guess i had used the same tub to wash my red wave skirt, and some residual pink water had sneaked its way onto the baby cardi. so, though i was mad, i knew it had something to do with my goofiness. so it shows.

pink stain. oh it's there!!


yay for finished socks! Your dad will love them!Good luck getting the pink stain out.. that is such a bummer :-( If it really doesn't come out, how about dyeing the whole sweater a darker color?

i like the socks! ribbed socks are my favourite kind. your dad will be so happy!

love colours of the socks. Hope the pink stain washes out!

Those socks are very similar to something I am looking for--I was thinking of Christmas present already. Which pattern is this?They really look grand :)Good luck with that pink stain--I hope it comes out,

All these socks! I love the ones for your dad, they came out fabulous! Pink stain! Oh no! I hope you get it out!

Your Dad will surely love his socks. They came out great!I wonder how the stain got there. I hope you can get it out!!

The socks look fab! That is such a bummer about the stain...hope you get it out...search the net...lots of stain removal sites!

Oh no. How'd the stain removal go? You might try something like oxyclean if nothing else works. I love the dad socks - they're super cute. One of these days I'm going to have to knit some socks for the Husband.

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