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July 27, 2005

i heart vintage fashion

butterfly hem, rowan 37
it is the midst of summer. blazing heat, hazy air; it feels like a boiling pot when walking outside the air-conditioned rooms. all you can think about is icy cold beverages, beaches, sunscreens, spaghetti strap tops and see-through tunics (the last two are currently on my mind). however, those fashion-forward folks are spoon-feeding fall and winter garments down your throat. goodness, i am sweating just by thinking about it.

but... have you check out the latest anthropologie website? all those fairy-like models wearing beautiful hand knits and frolicking along the fall-themed backdrop. i don't know why i dig such style so much, but who wouldn't? i want to be in the vintage era. i don't care if they did not have computers back then. i would rather wear corsets and lacy stockings!!

vintage love. my current obsession. that is why i'm picking up the project "butterfly" from rowan 37. albeit the fact that this garment was featured in the spring issue, i think the mohair lacey top is equally suited for this fall. i have seen a couple butterflies fluttering the cyberspace and they are all so fragilely beautiful. maybe, by wearing this top, i can shed off some of my goofiness and be a lady for a change.

i know i had asked my readers what color to knit my butterfly a while back. well, i went against popular voting and picked pink to be my color. why? well, i just feel that i had wanted to make it in pink all along, and i was hoping that my readers (whom i probably shared similar fashion tastes with) would agree with me.. hence that was probably the purpose of my intention. i had seriously considered green, thought, would that color be suited for this? perhaps?

in a different light and background, butterfly is a pale pink
butterfly has a rating of three yarn balls in rowan. and they are there for a reason. three yarn ball rated garments are, indeed, difficult to make. at least it requires a lot of attention. i was working on it for a couple days, and every row required stitch counting, possibly some ripping and re-knitting. i have been reading the knit-along on craftster, apparently it gets easier after the hem. so, we shall see.


I've been trying to make this for a while but my lace never looks lacy, it just looks like a bunch of holes and a mess! Yours looks great! Oh and everyday I'm fawning over my anthropologie catalog...gorgeous stuff. I want to live in those pages. On the website you can zoom in to see things upclose, which is great for figuring out stitches ;-)

oooh Butterfly. She already looks very feminine.

Butterfly is so light and beautiful... But definitely requires concentration I should imagine. I love the colour you've chosen. As for Vintage look I agree with you... if only we could travel back in time!!! And don't forget the black & white movies...

I think it looks beautiful! Good luck with the pattern, you're braver than i am.

Butterfly looks pretty and vintage. I must pluck up the courage to try lace with the fine mohair. And Thanks for the link to anthropologie, they have sweaters I want to knit!

Butterfly looks fabulous so far. Great start! I love this knit so much...I may have to knit one in a different color!

I think it's perfect in pink - very feminine. You'll get into the swing of it before long and it will be smooth sailing.

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