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July 27, 2005

knit tools

my secret pal has been gifted me packages with specific themes. this one, knit tools, is a good one! i was so pleasantly surprised to find the drop spindle with some merino rovings. am i going to be tempted to be a spinner now? hmm... must consider.

if you have not yet feel the smoothness of lantern moon needles, please immediately go to your LYS and resolve that. i love working with natural fibers and tools, thus most of my needles are bamboo needles. lantern moon is my first pair made from rosewood... oh, fancy! i can see myself making some scarves with these lovely needles.

and, of course, the yarn and the stitch markers are destined to be my knitting treasure. the day when this package arrived, was a good day!

orange pink rovings on a drop spindle, stitch markers with little faces, lantern moon needles and a skein of handspun merino wool by my SP in divine blue.


What a cool package. Lantern Moon needles {drool}. Someday...

Do it! Be a spinner! Those rovings look beautiful!!!

I was just talking about wanting a drop spindle and think my sp is sending me one. Your roving is fabulous and don't ya just love Lantern Moon? Yummy.

Oh, I want a spindle now! I love those rovings :)

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