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July 24, 2005

orangina is a deceitful purple top

sometimes, you just wish you were a supermodel.

knit project: glampyre knits - orangina
difficulty (1-5): 1.8
size: smallest (less 9 stitches)
yarn: ornaghi filati's gong in burgundy (988)
knitting specs: US 3 cir.

beautiful things can be delusional, unattainable and often deceitful. for instance: the mirage in the desert, mr. big from sex and the city, the yellow frogs in the amazon rain forest, the unreal length of those models' legs from victoria's secret's catalogue, and, of course, my purple orangina top!

i finished my orangina this weekend, this little lacey peek-a-boo top radiated such beauty that i had to put it on. and, what you didn't know was that this top instantly made you look like a supermodel, made your boobs two sizes bigger and you just want to masquerade as an expensive catwalk model for an evening. how surreal! but i definitely took this euphoric advantage and ran with it.

need i say more? so many smart knitters had already discovered the magic of orangina and had already fashioned their FOs all over blogland, so, i'm going to spare some technicalities here. what i had done differently were the following: to compensate for my petite asian frame, i casted on 9 stitches less than the smallest CO number, it had turned out quite nicely for it gave a fitted yet comfortable look. i increased the ribbing from 4 inches to 5 so the top would not accentuate the fat deposited abs. i seamed only one inch for the shoulder, instead of two, that worked out nicely as well. also, for the BO, i used crochet hook and did a single chain BO specified in vogue knitting to create an elastic edge. i originally used the standard BO method, that did not work out so well for this fiber. and, speaking of fiber: this yarn is the loveliest cotton yarn i have ever used (though i've only tried two kinds). but still, this yarn does not split, has a beautiful sheen and knits up nicely. i am not sure if it would bleed, i'll let you know. but if you can get your hands on this fiber, please don't hesitate.

what else would i have done differently? not much! though i can stand the top being a bit longer, but i would have increased the lace panel more (ie, 14 to 14.5 inch) than just the ribbing. i may want to try a lighter color so it can be worn with a light color cami. now, tell me, is this top too revealing for work, if no cami is worn underneath? i think so.

the obligatory self-proclaimed glamour black and white!
ok. i'm done. i don't think i want to be a supermodel. i just want to be a happy knitter who occasionally has some wild wacky dreams.

what next? butterfly from rowan. it's coming!


FABULOUS! You do look like a supermodel! I love it, love it, love it. Perfect with the white pants...I've been searching for the perfect pair!

absolutely gorgeous - you and orangina both look fantastic!

Are you sure you're not a model?? Orangina looks perfect! Great job with the pattern modification.

Oh my, you look really gorgeous in your Orangina! :-)

oh my god, when that picture loaded it took my breath away. It's all gorgeous, top, picture, complete outfit, pose. Really absolutely beautiful. Seen in b&w;, I easily picture you on the set with Marlene Dietrich, a femme fatale spy. Now I need to make one so I can indulge in more movie star fantasies :-)

You look gorgeous! It's a great sweater and it looks fabulous. You are doing a mighty fine job impersonating a supermodel.

H-O-T. I love the color, and you look fabulous.

What can I say but just one word : PERFECT!Well done.

Beautiful, beautiful! The colour is perfect, especially with those pants! I can't wait to start mine now!

Your oragina looks great and you look great in it. Looking every bit the super-model!

WOW!! You're a stunner and Orangina just adds to it. I hope mine turns out as well and miraculously makes me look like a supermodel, somehow i doubt it though, anyway i need to make it first and get my figure back!

Wow, you look absolutely stunning! Your Orangina is gorgeous and the colour's perfect on you. Wonderful job!

You are right about orangina. You look fabulous in it and I love your photo with the velvety curtains for a backdrop, just like a vogue magazine shoot.

Hey, Blossom! You totally look like a supermodel. Great job on Orangina, and I think you might have convinced me to knit this sometime. Can't wait to see what you're working on next too.

Blossom's husband/photographer here...I must confess that I rarely visit this site. I hear so much about it in every day conversation, coming here just seems redundant somehow. However, something happened that I feel I must share...I was checking out how the photos of Orangina looked on the web site (In person, she looked drop dead), which led me to the comment section...I was so thrilled for her to be receiving such praise that I began to read aloud some of the comments. What happened next was truly surprising/amazing: As I would read a comment, Blossom would tell me who wrote it as well as little facts about them (Mind she is sitting across the room). So, I think it only right that you know that she actually pays a great deal of attention to your blogs...Cares about who you are & what you think. Your voices are heard & considered. You all may take this for granted. However, from an outsider's perspective...Amazing thing this all is.

now i'm sad...i'm too late to get the blossom spin on my blog for her hubby.even so - you look absolutely DROP DEAD gorgeous girl! and orangina is no shabby chick either. well done....just fantastic!

Awesome! Looks so damn good on you....Too bad you couldn't wear it everyday....I guess people would start to notice.I think your orangina is the best one I've seen yet.Great job.

It looks so fabulous on you! And it's so great that your husband read all the comments to you.

Hands down, you made the best Orangina that I have seen. Your top looks better than the original! Great job!

That looks gorgeous on you! You do look like a supermodel! Yep, a little revealing for work, but that would be great for a night out! I love it.. nice job Blossom :)

You've really outdone yourself with Orangina. It's completely fabulous and you are stunning. I love the photos and the purple with the white pants is perfect. Supermodel, indeed!!! And what a sweet hubby you have (and he takes great pictures).

Lovely! Both you and Orangina look lovely. And the supermodels have nothing on you!

now i want to get the pattern! its great!

holy moly - that's got to be the sexiest handknit i've seen... amazing work.

love it. absolut-ly love it!

Hey Miss Supermodel, it's absolutely gorgeous! Makes me ache for another one.

Well, you look like a supermodel to me...just a petite one! Orangina came out great! I love it! I am excited to see how you do with your sweater design in those gorgeous colored yarns! I think it will be awesome. Do you have software to do the design? You are a brave girl. I admire that! :-)

gorgeous! beautiful photos and summary.

It looks stunning on you. Love it!

Wow. Beautiful orangina and you look stunning in it. Thank you for your feedback on the pattern. Very useful.

You look FANTASTIC in it! And I can't wait to see you in Butterfly, I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in that too.