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July 05, 2005

orangina is a purple top

i started a number of projects this weekend but the sockapal-2-za socks. how lame. one excuse for not starting up the socks was because the needles required to make them were occupied by the unfinished ribbing socks for my dad. equally lame, i know. oh well, guess i was just not in a "sock mood" this weekend.

so, no sockapal-2-za sock update this week. however, the lovely orangina is starting to take form at whispering pine!

i discovered that there's a yarn shop (!!) near our apartment in the city last week. this lovely yarn shop is only ten minutes away and they have quite a lovely yarn selection. there i spotted some gong cotton yarns by ornaghi filati and decided to use them for the orangina project.

it's the color of aubergine, color of pinot noir, and color of orangina!

i seem to have ambivalent feelings for the color purple. sometimes they are lovely to my eyes yet often they are just so unappealing. hmm, why is that? i have concluded that the color purple owns a wide spectrum of intensity and saturation (though you can pretty much say the same thing to all colors), and i seem to only find a few shades attractive.

anyway, toss my color theory aside, this particular shade of purple has proven to fit my taste. i called it the color of pinot noir, and i think they are going to be lovely as orangina!

ha! i was a bit careless and had overestimated my level of confidence when i started and guess what happened? this tangling yarn. oh, never overlooked the lace patterns, keep your stitches accurate and pay attention! i had to constantly remind myself.

don't you know lace is a finicky thing?

so, after a few rows, the lace has started to take form. wonderful! now, i am going to have some pinot* and relax!

*side note for pinot noir: i started to pay more attention to pinot after the movie "sideways". aside from the fact that this movie is one of the most interesting ones i have seen as of late, wine enthusiastic would also find this flick appealing. me, a wine enthusiastic wannabe, find this movie both inspirational and very informative in the topic of life and wine.*


That is a lovely color. It has a lot more red in it than many purples -- almost a maroon or burgandy. At least on my monitor. :)

Hmmm - I think pinot is a wonderful color for orangina (and as a beverage!) and it will be fabulous. You gotta knit what you're in the mood for - you'll get to the socks, eventually!

Oooh! Lovely choice of yarn. Luckily I can get some Gong locally and I've been dying to try it. It looks so glossy and sleek. It'll look wonderful in your project!

that colour is absolutely gorgeous, and the name is hilarious! gong-gong! ;-)

I feel the same exact way about purple tones. Generally speaking I don't like them, but every now and then I see a shade that just calls my name. Yours looks burgundyish. I like it.Gong-gong. That sounds like what you need to repeat to yourself every time you make a mistake in your lace. Kinda like om, om, om.I love Sideways.

Totally great color for Orangina! The socks can wait.

I love that yarn! How beautiful! It really is a wine color now isn't it :) Glad you found a fun new yarn store!

I agree with you re: purples AND pinot noir. You have good taste all around.

It must be nice to discover a yarn store so close to home!! The yarn is such a lovely color; it would make a beautiful Orangina.

Lucky you with the really close LYS! I think I would hang out there all of the time :) Lovely yarn for your Orangina!

that color makes me thirsty for welch's grapejuice. i love your blog! have you knit the butterfly yet? im eager to see one finished. i considered knitting it but havent. also that skirt you knit was fabulous!

I love the pinot... it's definetely better than a purple. It will look fabulous as an orangina. My orangina was on the needles, now unfortunately it is off the needles waiting to be started again.

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