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July 01, 2005

roman holiday and a sleepy cat

my cat felt asleep on the window ledge and she had found a way to stretch out her paw. hmm. sometimes you wonder what those kitties are thinking?

as my WIP consists only socks at the moment, it's time to start a few new projects on this fourth of july weekend. and what projects will i be working on next? well, remember this post?

yes, i'll be starting the famous "audrey" this weekend. and, the orangina by glampyre. so, in order to set the mood for "audrey", i will be watching the movie "roman holiday" sometime this weekend. i have never seen this famous movie, so this weekend will definitely be the one to watch it. awesome.

as for orangina, i'm hoping that this will be a quick knit, that i can start and finish it within a couple weeks. after that, it'll be time for butterfly.

have a great holiday, everyone!


Be forewarned: the first time I watched "Roman Holiday," I ran out and got a drastic haircut. :-) Btw, I'll finish my Audrey too--let me know when you get to the neckband and I'll attempt it for the 6th time. I have never had so much trouble with attaching a neckband.

awww, that pic is the cutest! enjoy your long weekend and your new projects. i think i will start some new socks this weekend ...

have a wonderful long weekend. you are just flying through these projects. i have had the yarn for butterfly in my stash for ages....and am yet to begin it! i am looking forward to seeing your projects evolve.

have a great weekend! I love orangina... That pic just made my day... and also made me miss my kitties.. but thats okay! Its nice to sleep past 5:30 every once in a while! :)

thought i'd say HI! You look great in the skirt, I'm so happy it was a success for you.-kat coyle

Just love the photo. I hope it doesn't come across as making everything all about me if I show you a photo I took that yours reminded me of:http://www.shinygreenapple.com/predator-potd/Gotta love our kitties!

Oh gosh, that photo is hilarious! Mand me LOL in the office. I don't think there's anything much cuter than kitty paws.Adelehttp://passioknit.blogspirit.com

I love the passion you have and share, it is quite visually endearing, and this picture of your cats paw is simply wonderful, subtle and for a moment I thought you had enlarged a picture of the end of the wool strand... interesting.