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July 12, 2005

sockapal-2-za and OSW

hurricane dennis had come and went and i was so ready for a complete blow-out of the region but it did not happen. actually, i felt a bit cheated by the earth atmosphere, she had everyone so hyped about it but nothing drastic happened in the end. what drama. and i know it is probably awful for me to express the i-hope-the-disasters-were-here feeling.

just like the hurricane dennis, i was going to work on the sockapal-2-za socks but in the end i never did. however, i thought about this project a great deal, so much that i had actually done something indirectly related to the progression of this project, that is, finish off my dad's socks and free up the US2 needles!

finish this sock already!
so, not sockapal-2-za sock update, but if you still want to see some sock knitting, here is the ribbing sock that i was working on this weekend.

on another note, i had jumped on the OSW bandwagon and made myself one with some blue ribbon yarn. it was such a short project that i wanted to show this one to my husband after it was all finished! he was really anticipated some ingenious knit project from me. so, when i modeled the FO for him, he had such an expression (sort of in amusement and in confusion) and carefully asked: what is that? not a posture correcting device i hope! great... the term PCD had stick in my head more than OSW now. sucks.

it is a one skein wonder in blue!
actually, it's not that bad, it's just a bit too small. so, i'm going to make another one that fits better. and to share my love to you all, i'm offering this to whoever is interested. it should fit the shoulder width about 13.5in. just let me know! i would, however, like you to send me a picture of you modeling it!!



The same thing happened to my PCD! (so funny) I plan to give it to my narrower sister this weekend. Hope she loves the yarn as much as i do... if she doesn't, I'll be starting over.

OMG - that's tiny! I feel like an amazon. I hope you find a good home for it because it's really cute. I'm glad all is well in your neck of the woods and the socks are looking great.

I bet I could wear it, sadly. But yay! I can wear it! If the offer still stands I'd take it!

What yarn did you use for the socks?It is beautiful!I hope you find a good home for your PCD.

Oh man, if I could EVER fit my huge broad shoulders into that thing, I would be ecstatic! Its very beautiful and that stinks it doesn't fit... Love your socks too.. what kind of yarn is that?

I feel much better to know that I was't only one who thinks moi have narrower shoulder..about 2 inches...than really it is..I am totally obsessed about knitting OSWs - I love to take your wonderful creation.. but I can't fit into 13.5inches.. T_THope you will find wonderful home for beautiful creation.

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