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July 19, 2005

sockapal-2-za update: friday harbor new tricks

green friday harbor sock to be!
so the fun begins for my sockapal-2-za socks adventure. one evening worth of intensive sock knitting, i have the above! not bad, eh?

i knew that when i picked this pattern, i would be in for some new tricks. sure enough, so far i had learned how to cast on using the english method (posh!) so the edge resembling a purl stitch. first attempt: too tight. second attempt: up four needle size, this resulted a stretchy and firm edge. perfect! i am looking foward to using this method more, as stated in the KOTR book, combined the english CO with continental CO method, you can have a nice ribbed edge like K1, P1 or K2, P2.

this pattern used a very small number of CO stithes, 50, to be exact. my instinct told me that 50 stitches are not enough to stretch across the mid calf (my sock pal wants a mid calf length). but, i went with it out of respect for nancy bush. needless to say, when i tried it on, it was blood vessel constricting tight. so, i ripped it off, added 10 more stitches, and now, it can fit anywhere you want on the calf. perfect!

in all honesty, friday harbor did not have the most comprehensive instructions. after the first couple rows, i was utterly confused. then, i remembered that there's a book correction file at interweave's website, so i went a grabbed that. hey, what do you know, there it was, pattern correction notes for this book. it was helpful and allowed me to make the lace looks like lace, not some wonky, holey stitches. and what was the trick? you have to constantly shuffle the stitches every round so all the YOs and K2TOGs are aligned.

i particularly fancy the wavy lacy edge of this sock. it reminds me a bit of the victorian era garter you see in the brothels (is my sock pal going to think that i'm strange?) and i bet if i increase enough stitches to fit around the thigh, it'll be just like the garter stockings. but no! i'm not going down that wild path. still, i wonder why nancy bush named this pattern "friday harbor", i need to re-read her introduction.

front, nice, chevron shaped lace patterns; back, 2x2 ribbing for one size fits all.
so, check back next week, i may have more to show!


How beautiful! That green is so rich and shows off the pattern so well. What a lovely job you're doing.

I love the socks, they're beautiful! What a clever idea to add ribbing up the back for a snug fitting sock.

Love the sock! I really like that pattern, I think I will tackle it for myself! The green is gorgeous! Thanks for the info regarding errata for that book!

love it! i am going to have to check out that book!

I love this pattern and the green is divine! What is the name of the book?

what a pretty green.great blogcaraearth mother

Very pretty lace pattern. and I love the green you are using. Your sock pal with love them!

the color and the pattern are both stunning!

Thanks for the errata on the book - I'll have to make sure I get that. The sock is looking wonderful - I like the co edge - very pretty. I can't wait to see more and your sock pal will love it!

The socks are great, again, thanks for the tip on the errata, I will go now and get it as I bought the book this week, just for these socks! I am a bit disappointed that you're finding they didn't fit! Hooray for figuring it out, and making socks that fit. Gorgeous!

They look smashing so far!! You are doing such a great job. What a lucky sock pal you have.

That sock is just beautiful. What a wonderful job you are doing!

wow, that's one lucky pal! The green is amazing, it's just perfect for the pattern. Beautiful!

Really gorgeous!

This sock is really beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished pair!

I have been so taken with green lately, and then seeing these and the beautiful lace... you made my day, Blossom :) Lovely socks--what a lucky pal you have!

Wow! Those socks are going to be stunning! What a lucky person to get those :)

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