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July 25, 2005

sockapal-2-za update: turning heel

mid-calf green sock!
so the sock is going to be a mid-calf length. a length that is generally accepted and preferred by most sock knitters and wearers. the only concern of mine at the moment is the quantity of yarn in my possession. i have two balls of these yarns in my stash for a while, and i'm pretty sure that they are no longer available from patons. so, i hope i will be able to make one sock out of each ball. and to tell you the truth, i have been knitting with a bit of fear.

still, i love how the diamonds flowing in the pattern and they will travel all the way to the toes, too! this green is getting prettier by the day. interesting how a color can grow on you. will i have enough will power to part with this pair of socks... oh i hope so.

a little modification was made when i turned the heel. as i had casted on 10 more stitches than specified in the pattern, i had to allocate those extras evenly to the front and the back of the sock. i also had to shuffle the stitches so they fit on two circulars. it's really nothing fancy. so i'm going to stop here.

turning heel with two bamboo circulars!
goal for next week: finish sock #1, start sock #2.

thank you for all the comments on orangina, i was so utterly flattered!


The sock is gorgeous! The pattern is very cool! I don't know how to do the circular needle sock thing yet. Kudos, your sock pal will love the sock!

Beautiful sock!(And you look sooo great in that orangina top. Awesome!)

Wow, what a pretty sock? Although I know exactly what you mean about knitting in fear. I'm constantly calcating/guessing in my head what percentage I am through the pattern and through the ball of yarn. I tend to oscillate between "Oh, I'm TOTALLY going to have enough yarn," and the next row I'm thinking, "Crap, I'm screwed." It kind of ruins an otherwise very relaxing activity!

Wow and wow (to the socks and the orangina). Wow.

Beautiful socks! That green is gorgeous... You are a knitting machine!

I absolutely love that pattern - your sock pal will be thrilled. How many yards are in each ball of yarn? I can't imagine you won't have enough unless the balls are really small. I always have extra yarn when I make socks and they're generally to the bottom of my calf, so I'm guessing you'll be fine. Stop worrying!

This sock looks great, I hope you'll have enough yarn. Have faith...