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July 07, 2005

to friends in london

today, i am sending out my thoughts to friends and readers in london.

london was my temporary home for about six months few years ago while i was working there. my office located right on russell square and my morning rituals often included a stop at the manhattan coffee shop for breakfast, and i would purposely strolled across the square to feel the morning breeze. i like to alternate my routes between central and circle lines, depending on how often those trains arrive. commuting was a big part of my life when i was masquerading as a londoner, many moons ago.

during my short stays in london, i had experienced many tube incidences. the most significant one was on my first day to work, the tube was on strike! i was living near kensington palace then so i had actually walked three hours along the bus route and had hopes that maybe i would caught an empty cab, or a bus that would stop to take me. the journey home that evening was equally long and scary for i barely knew how to get around london.

as i got more comfortable with london, i became accustomed to the occasional tube mechanical problems, delays and even the may day riot! however, i can only imagine how terrible today's event must have been for the local commuters and visitors who happened to be there.

please know that our hearts are with you.


wow-- sounds like quite the experience living there. .. My heart goes out to all of London as well.

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