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August 20, 2005

a frog at whispering pine

progress of butterfly
i thought i'd work on the butterfly this weekend, and i did. i seamed the hems, and started picking up stitches in round. all was well. i even stopped and took a picture of this antique looking butterfly. oh, how i loved this pattern.
butterfly in pieces
hmmm... guess i did not love it that much after all. as the title of this post suggested, butterfly took a detour to the frog pond soon after the one and only photo session. why? what were you thinking, crazy woman?

it was never meant to be like this. i was eager to finish my butterfly and wear it as a flapper girl; i even bought a pair of lace stocking to go with the outfit. however, when i was knitting it this afternoon, i kept hearing something someone had said: life is too short to knit what you do not like.

there was nothing wrong with this pattern. in fact, i love it still very much. yet i made two fundamental mistakes which ultimately invited the frog visit: 1) the color of the yarn, and 2) knitting in the round**.

i was never 100% convinced that pale pink is my color, the more i knit, the more i had to tell myself that i HAD to like this color. red flag #1. second, i had decided to knit in the round to avoid seaming, however, come to think of it, it really would not be so bad to seam. i was a bit dumbfounded when i realized that i had to do to yarn forwards twice in a row when knitted in round and somewhere in the rows that i had decided to modify the pattern (why? i don't know) which later proven to be a progressive error (stupid decision). and that, my friend, is why a complete, irreversible frogging event must happen.

still, i love this pattern, i'd do it again. but the next time i'll do it in a color that i LOVE, which would be KSH's smoke. and, i want to bead it. i think beading really adds to the butterfly. anyway, i'm giving this project a bit of a rest at the moment. soon, i'll pick it back up again. please do not feel discouraged if your starting of butterfly was inspired by me. i did not do a very good job at keeping that motivation going... but please, keep knitting, your butterfly will be more beautiful than mine.

oh well, at least my cats had a kick out of it! they love it so much that i was able to capture their fun!

cats and butterfly!
this weekend was not all that bad, i had finished tivoli and audrey. photos to come. stay tuned.

**update: third reason to frog: needle size. i used US8 to knit the hem, and i think it came out too loose. i also used addi turbo, bad choice. too slippery. so, the next time i do this, i'll go down a needle size and use denise interchangeables.**


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that's a bummer - but better to frog now than to never wear it later on. i have some ksh in majestic is my stash for butterfly. it is similar to smoke - just with a hint of mauve in it.

I'm so sorry to hear that! But then again, I know you made the right decision. The photos of your cats are so sweet! I'll be waiting for the photos of your fo's. :-)

Bummer! But good for you for knowing it wasn't you and frogging. I know she'll return much more fabulous! I'm wasn't going to bead mine and will definatly consider it now that you've suggested it needs it.

yeah!!! word verification enabled! thanks blogger! get the hell away from my blog, you spammers!!

I do love the pre-frogging picture of Butterfly... so, so pretty and definitely vintage looking. Now you don't have to wear the pink, but you still have a gorgeous photo to keep! (And the ones with the cats wearing the hem are a riot!! Mine would never sit still long enough for me to drape it on them like that!)

Oh shucks. Sorry you had to rip it. When I knit Birch, I initially used Addis which as you found out were too slippery. I wound up using Crystal Palace bamboo needles which has a very sharp point (a must when knitting with KSH) and prevented the yarn from slipping and sliding all over the place.

I'm sorry that you had to frog, but I do think you made the right choice - no use spending lots of time on something you feel ambivalent about. But I'm sure when you do make it will be amazing! I'm too chicken to even think of doing butterfly, but maybe someday I will!

I think it was worth the frogging to get those graet pics of your kittens! You are a wise knitter indeed to know when hold it and when to frog it :)

Good choice -- I've knit on things I don't like just to knit and I grow to hate them and then, I give them away, so you're much much wiser than I. :)Also, what adorable cats.

wow, you know I'm going through something similar with my butterfly, that's why I've been stalling. I do think the grey with beads would look fantastic. I might just continue with mine and dye it whatever color it wants to be. The cat pictures are too cute!

That stinks you had to frog, but at least your kitties had fun with it :) I give my kitties my frogged pieces too! I can't wait to see your FO's!

Alas, its too bad the project wasn't meant to be. Good for you to frog it now and move on!

I'm so sad to see you frog Butterfly. Better to be happy with everything though. I will be looking forward to when you start her again...in smoke!Your Tivoli is awesome & fits you beautifully!

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