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August 15, 2005

audrey has wonky armholes

seaming madness
the plan was to present the finished audrey this weekend, however, as you may have suspected, the plan did not carry through. why? here's why.

i have grossly underestimated the amount of time needed to seam the reverse stockinette that complicated with some (many) ribbing. and, with some alignment issues, i think my audrey will have very ugly armpits. if i were to knit this again, i will definitely adjust the rib pattern so the sleeves and the bodies' decreases are identical. i know that would be the case had i chosen to work on a different size. oh well. that was a depressing event and it had slumped some of my upcoming FO high.

second, the yarn. i love calmer, don't get me wrong. i think it is the best quality cotton yarns out there. however, do any of you calmer knitters had this problem- it is hard to get even stitches. and, i had a feeling that this yarn will be a major piller after a few wears. also, during the seaming process, the yarn invariably split in half due to excessive threading and pulling through. what was the deal?? so, another obstacle which further reduces my love for audrey. humph!

third, the lace edging. i have come to realize that my knitting weakness is the never-ending repetitiveness. rows of stockinette stitches don't bother me. ribbing, i can handle. but all the "repeat rows 1-12 two hundred times and you can not memorize the instructions of rows 1-12" kills me. so, it took me forever to make the lace edging. and all the while the fear of not being able to sew them nicely on the garment brewed increasingly. stressful. also, how many repeats? i don't want it to cling to my necks like a turtleneck wannabe, but i don't want it to slough too bad that you can see my bra. decisions, decisions. and, is there a "right" side for the lace edging?

lace and audrey, two separate things (for the moment)
so, that's why my unfinished audrey is still resting in my house. it will not get done until this weekend. i intend to give it a wash in hopes to even out the stitches. when will i show it to you all? it's still up in the air.


It does look beautiful! I love the colour. I have mixed feelings about calmer...we had some problems together. I will try it again...I have 10 balls of cream waiting for a project...maybe it will be Audrey! Can't wait to see yours finished!

Perseverance, honey... it looks beautiful!

Its so frustrating to be close to finishing something, then run into problems. You can do it, though! Its going to be lovely!

I think it is purty! I like calmer (I tried to make Tivoli Tee with it, but there were no seams) I am going to make a shrug out of it soon

calmer feels amazing! however, my experience was that it splits too easily and the stitches always look a bit wonky, even after blocking.

Pretty, pretty! I never get even stitches with calmer and it doesn't bother me because I think that's just the nature of the yarn. Sometimes we have to give into these things you know :).

I think it's the nature of cotton yarn to have uneven stitches. I read somewher that Elizabeth Zimmermann said something about the little imperfections in our knitting is what makes them handknit and wonderful and that we shouldn't strive for perfection. I love the color and you'll get the armholes figured out.

I love it! That lace edging looks beautiful... if you don't like repeats, you would die making a shawl! I think it will be great and nobody will notice "ugly" armpits... I can't wait to see this one on you!

I think the color is so pretty, and your lace turned out very nice. But I have a love/hate relationship with calmer myself. I love the finished product, but I don't like knitting with it that much, too elastic for my taste. But I think your Audrey will be beautiful in the end!

It really does look wonderful, Blossom. You are not too far away from being finished. A friend of mine has not touched her Audrey in months for the very same problems as you are having--don't give up!

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