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August 07, 2005

audrey question... resolved. for now.


can somebody tell me what is wrong here? this is audrey from rowan 35. above picture: sleeve piece with nice decreases for the armholes, beautiful! ribs aligned; knit rows being eaten away nicely. now, look at the below picture: body piece, same instruction but resulted staggered rib... wtf?

i looked at the pattern probably 200 times today, the only difference between the sleeve and the body was: for the sleeve, rib pattern was established with K1, *P2, K2*, K1 (note you have a single K1 stitch on either end). but for the body, the rib pattern for my size (XS) is *P2, K2*, single K1 stitch did not exist. thus, when asked to BO 5 stitches, it resulted a single P1 stitch as the beginning of the row. and the following direction (P2, K2... ) automoatically screwed up the existing rib pattern.

nobody had mentioned anything on the knitalong. i must be on crack. please help!

UPDATE: i have come to a conclusion that i am not going to spend the rest of my life figuring this stupid ribbing out. so, i'm going to blindly follow the instruction. and, after this decision was made, guess what i found? ha ha!! i'm NOT on crack. though deep down in me i knew kim hargreaves could have done this better, but then again, who would be peeking your armholes and check if the ribbings are aligned? (knitters would).


Ask eilene athttp://www.eiknit.com she knitted one and its beautiful. her e-mail address is eilene@eiknit.comyour knitting is beautiful. Good luck with audrey.

I wish I could help you Blossom! I hate it when that happens.. you read and re-read and it just doesn't work for some reason! Good luck... Oh and what a perfect color for you!

Mmm, I'm glad to hear all is resolved! Happy knitting!

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