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August 23, 2005

audrey takes a retro spin

my take on the eco romantic style for the supposedly elegant audrey

knit project: rowan 35 - audrey
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: xsmall (32 in)
yarn: rowan's calmer in amour (discontinued)
knitting specs: US 7 & 8 cir.

we must not type-cast audrey as just an elegant garment, because she can also take on a retro, grungy style. like her counterpart, burberry, bares such long tradition as a british classic; a staple tartan skirt can also be worn to fit one’s taste in fashion.

i was too utterly inspired by the eco romantic collection of the latest rowan and felt the need to join the rowan culture. i must express audrey as a rebel child. so, here you have my interpretation of this sweater in red, a deep lustful red.

it is highly likely that i may not have the same appreciation for such style many years later, oh well, fashion is always a fleeting thing. it is only beautiful in a present tense.

so audrey. a knit that was owned by many knitters due to the audrey knit-craze last year. i just finished mine these couple days. it was a quick knit, pattern notes were pretty straight forward, as rowan patterns usually are. i made my sleeves shorter so they hit just above my wrists. i did not block the sweater at all as i didn't want it to expand uncontrollably. all in all, it was not a difficult project and i like it just okay. though i thought i'd fall head over heels for this sweater. hmmm. did not happen unfortunately!

nonetheless, audrey is, without a doubt, a beautiful sweater, and i am glad that i made it. calmer is very warm and i love how the ribbing gives this sweater a fitted look. i love the lace edging for it defines this sweater as a classic audrey. i love this red as it is not your every day wal-mart red. it is a classic, deep, warm red. like a ripen tomato, a tango dancer’s shoes. it exudes passion and an understated elegance all at one glance.

you must already read my trouble with audrey due to this mysterious misalignment of ribbing. it still troubles me, more so when i look at becky’s or felicia’s audreys, theirs have perfect stitching, perfect seaming. sigh! however, i was quite happy with how painless it was for me to attach the lace edging. i used whip-stitch to sew them together, they look great! like it was never meant to be separated.

details of audrey
so there you have it. my audrey for your entertainment. i will wear it often as autumn approaches. maybe it will eventually own my undivided love later, just like the old classics as they often do sustain the test of time.

thank you so very much for all the heart-warming compliments on tivoli T. go make one for yourself right now if you have not done so yet!


Fabulous, in both a simple and complicated way. The color is great and your Rowan-esque photos are cool ;).

I think it looks fabulous too. Plus, it really looks great on you. You've gotta love a sweater like that.

Well aren't you the funky chic?! It looks fabulous.

Oh, another beautiful sweater that you model quite brilliantly!

Once again, success! It looks great one you... So, how would you rate Calmer on a 1 to 5 scale? I always worry that Calmer will get really heavy and bulky...

ok enough already! will you stop looking so gorgeous in all your finished item photos!

Beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job on the sweater and it looks great on you! Your photos always looks great - what is your secret?

you have serious style! Love the photos--your Audrey is really lovely. I like the red a lot. I think that is the first one in that color that I have seen. Great job! you are quite the FO queen of late! So many pretty additions to your wardrobe ;)

audrey looks fabulous on you!

Wow, it's beautiful and you look fab! It goes so well with tartan too :-)

Before you even wrote anything I thought "Rowan".The Audrey looks great!!

I love your tivoli t and your audrey! Two beautiful knits finished. Congratulations!

Woohoo...your Audrey looks fabulous. This is definitely one classic sweater. I love wearing mine! Congrats on another beautiful FO! ;-)

How fabulous are you? Audrey is gorgeous and fits you just right. Pretty color, too. That's one sweater thta will never go out of style.

Wow, one terrific FO after another! And what a fabulous knitter and model you're!!

Check you out, looking all pretty in Audrey! I can't believe the way you're knocking out all the terrific items left and right. You're an inspiration. Also, the skirt is awesome.So... what are you doing next? :)

OMG, I don't know what to say anymore. Fabulous! :-)

You make all your FOs look so wonderful! Great job!

Audrey looks great on you. Beautiful job.

awesome! love the Burberry pairing

Nice job! You are finishing all sorts of things lately!

It's beautiful and so versatile. I have the yarn...must start knitting.

You are quite the finishing machine! Tivoli and Audrey turned out great...they're both classics that you'll be wearing for a long time. And the pictures are always great.

How absolutely wonderfully made - so neatly knit and so well shaped -and that color looks fabulous on you! Lovelyl,lovely Audrey, one of the best I've seen!!

Audrey looks fabulous on you (the color is great) - love the Tivoli too - nice job!

Great job, Blossom!!It fits you so well, and what a beautiful colour. Perfect!Tere

Another beautiful, well-fitted sweater. I love the red and it looks great w/ your skirt. I imagine you'll get a lot of wear out of it, even if you don't LOVE it.

It looks WONDERFUL, Blossom! Brava on such a gorgeous piece.

Wow, very nice. What a great job blossom! You have so many beautiful FOs lately.

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