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August 25, 2005

autumn knits

will they be part of my wardrobe this season? (left: nan and roxie from big just got bigger; right: rowan36 and highgate)

thank you for all the lovely comments about audrey, as such, she will be loved and worn by me throughout this winter season. i will get much use out of it and will never throw it away, or give it to the salvation army should her glamour disappear one day.

speaking of fall, i can not wait. colorful foliage and breezy mornings... you can walk to a nearby coffee shop without the sweat and the bugs. but honestly, i think i'm more excited about knitting sweaters for cold weather than the season change itself. what knitter confession that is. so there are a few things i would like to make for the fall:

i have yet to knit a pair for myself, swapping does not count. i am so looking forward to just knit a pair of socks for me, me, me, me, me. and guilt free.

perferably with chunky weight wool. like roxie from rowan's "big just got bigger". i have been wanting to make this one since last winter, i love the wooly fringes. few years ago i started to notice this furry edge trend; in fact, my sister had owned a jacket like that. i was afraid that this trend may eventually fall out of fashion like, say, the high waisted jeans with white sneakers look of the 80's. luckily, i don't think this furry fringe thing is going anywhere soon. so, roxie it is.

what about nan? she is also very lovely. but can i afford to own her, too? one must not feel greedy.

cable sweater.
like the classic highgate. more specifically, like felicia's classic pink highgate. why pretend? it is going to be exactly like that! i have the yarn already purchased. i have the pattern book sitting on the bookshelf collecting dust. so, i'm really all set for this one. i am looking foward to making a cable sweater for myself.

vintage jacket.
i now have a copy of angelina from white lies design. so, why wait? start shopping for yarns and get to work! i don't have $200 to buy a ready made one from anthropologie, but i may have $150 to buy the yarn and spend three weeks making one. is this logic a bit strange? not to me.

short-sleeved sweater.
my mum had bought me some jo sharp's silkroad aran from brisbane to make "amy" earlier this year. after i had a chance to look at the pattern much closely i changed my mind. i love jo sharp's yarn, but i can't say the same thing about her patterns. ms. jo sharp, please note that we new-age knitters are shape conscious. please, in the future consider some waist shaping for all your patterns. and please note that we are also pretty observant knitters, too. perhaps you want to use more than one template design for the entire pattern book. using a different color yarn for a same pattern does not count as two patterns.

so anyway, now i got stucked with just enough yarn to make something short sleeved.. which i will probably just make something up and be done with it. i can not wait to wear this lovely yarn against my skin.

i have also acquired (bought) a sweater worth of denim silk from LYS a while back to make teva durham's ibiza shirt (no stripes, just denim look). i feel this fiber is probably more suitable for a spring garment, but we shall see. and, that rowan blue KSH short sleeved number looks like a winner, too. hmm. i have not yet made up my mind, obviously. what the hell? make them all.

i felt in love with this shirt not because of the shirt, but this hot model (loop-d-loop ibiza shirt)

husband's sweater.
i have also promised my personal photographer/husband that i will tailored made him a sweater so the back will not blow out like it can fit a gorilla. in return, he will take more lovely pictures for me and possibly write an entry on how he takes photos and his thoughts on my sweater. he was quite pleased with the cable sweater i had made him a few years ago. but this time, i got some jaeger's luxury tweed to make him a nicer sweater. anyone want to join in to make a husband's sweater?

this list is getting long, i better stop. though i had a good feeling that it will get longer before the fall actually starts.


Cute stuff on your list. I'd love to join in a husband sweater project b/c my husband has the same issues - broad shoulders and narrow waist and he's very particular. I also have been eyeing Angelina - I really like that pattern. I will look forward to watching your progress.

First of all...socks for yourself...a must! I am all about cardigans. Love highgate, if it turns out anything like Felicia's jaw dropping knit, you go girl! The vintage jacket will be a gorgeous knit. I know what you are saying about jo sharp patterns...I bought that dumb book...basically all the same thing! I am making one sweater from it and probably the hat. Very cool shirt...too cool for me...almost looks crocheted. And finally, the Husband sweater, he is on my list and I am searching for yarn! Form a ring, make a button...I am in!

Yes make socks for yourself and your husband, mine loves them. and yes sign me up in the husband sweater making. I have been eyeing the manly sweater in stitch and bitch #1, I even bought the yarn for it I just need some modivation.

I made a husband sweater earlier this year... but I planning to make another one for him too ;) So, I will join in... I already know the pattern, I just need the yarn..Love that Teva Durham stripey tee--I have thought about it many times. I really think it would look great in one color. Take care, Blossom, and have a good weekend ;)

You have some great things on your list :) I am the same way, I can't wait to start new fall projects!

Lovely projects! Are you going to use the pink mohair formerly known as Butterfly for the Rowan sweater? And once you make socks for yourself, you won't be able to stop, especially when you start coordinating sock yarn to your outfits and shoes. Not that I would know anything about that..

Oh yes! My favorite time of year is Fall! I can't wait! The leaves, the cool breeze, my birthday, and of coarse love-erly sweaters!I love your picks for fall and that Red number below is Gorgeous!

Thanks for the nice comments about my sweater! Made my day :)I'd love to make Nan, too. Can't wait to see your next fo.Tere

Blossom, I love your Fall projects list - especially the White Lies Jacket. I have thought about making that one myself - but like you, my list has grown longer than I think I actually have time to knit!! I can't wait to see yours!

I'm right with you on the socks (I've never knit a pair for myself, but the next pair are definitely for me!) and Jo sharp (I'm using a women's pattern to make a jumper for my boyfriend at the moment!).

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