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August 17, 2005

knit design: yarn and inspirations

i hope you are not thinking that i have silently abandoned my attempt to design a sweater for myself. no! in fact, i have been thinking about it, so much that today, i will share what has been done since the last post.

a bouquet of yarn!

the yarn, for one, has arrived from a far-away land a couple weeks ago. i was so pleased with the colors, the fiber and how smooth and soft they are against the skin. it is hard to say which color is my favorite for i love them all, and that was why it had taken me so long to decide on how to arrange all colors in a harmonious way.

my favorite oilily!

the color dilemma, which had led me to seek inspirations from several designers, oilily being the major one. i have always admire how this particular line of clothing can mix such loud and contradicting patterns in such a pleasant way. bright orange stripes right next to even brighter pink flowers. who would dare to think of such combination? yet they look so pretty and lively together. and, that was effect i'd like to achieve. difficult? i think so. however, this would be a great opportunity to try out several swatches.

that's right! a proper swatch in alpaca silk.
talk about swatches... here is a picture of my first official swatch ever. i have never been able to have the patience to knit a proper swatch. and why waste the yarn? i know that eventually i will get punished by this no-swatch non-sense. so here you have it, a proper swatch, all blocked and with a border. and i took diana's clever idea to purl the needle size in your swatch. now, with a swatch, i can find get a gauge going and find a pattern with comparable gauge to be used as a reference. wonderful!

not only did i do a gauge swatch, but i also knit a little hem swatch to try out the fold-in hem. oh, i love fold-in hem. they make your garment look so much more professionally made. i used "vogue knitting" as a guide, i may have to try to knit with a smaller needle for the part that's going to get fold in, so it would lay flat. more experiments needed, i guess.

more swatches! will the sketch turn into a wearable garment?

see the design beneath my swatch? that was my first attempt with colors, i love the concept of it though the colors are still up for experiment. i am also intrigued with a bit of intarsia, however, i am a bit confused with how to work the intarsia, specifically, where to attach the yarn for new colors. anyway, i may leave this topic for another time.


Yummy stuff, and my you've been busy. You're first swatch? Impressive (mostly that everything you've done comes out fitting so well). I believe the pattern for Rogue calls for a turned under hem and it uses smaller needles - might be worth a try. I really can't wait to see the final pattern - it's gonna be great!

How much do you love a knitted hem? It's my new favorite edging.

Its so important to have design inspiration like Oilily. I like to cut photos from Anthroplogie catalogs and pin them up as inspiration. Your knits turn out great, and you've never swatched?! amazing. I can't take full credit for the purl stitch/needle size thing though, I read that somewhere..

I can't wait to see this sweater all done. The sketch is so colorful and unique. I hope that it turns out well so you can share the pattern with us. A girl can't have too many good sweater designs.

I'm looking forward to seeing your design. It looks like you have a wonderful yarn in gorgeous colors to work with. Enjoy it!

Hi Blossom! Your project is so exciting--the colors, the swatches. It is going to be so neat to watch this knit up! You are very talented ;)Many thanks for your pointers about the Weekend Knitting cami and cowl. I just love yours--I saw it in your gallery. I will definitely look into the thread on Craftster, and I am planning to pick up the DMC some time soon. Thanks!Take care~

Oh Blossom, this is going to be so fun! I can't believe that's your first swatch... amazing! I like the idea of random colors next to one another... There are some beautiful new longer sweater wraps in anthropologie if you are looking for some more design inspiration. ..

I've been designing patterns too and am actually almost done knitting with my very first one. Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend! Your color choices are gorgeous and I can't wait to see how they turn out. And it was fun to get a peek of your sketches. I have a book full that I hope to some day knit. One day at a time right? Have fun!

I've only recently started to knit and I feel like I want to go faster than I actaully can. I'm really glad to have run across this blog entry. I'm curious to see the progress. That yarn bouquet is amazing! Great color selection.

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